BitCoin and The New World Order


BitCoin and The New Entire world Purchase

Is Bitcoin part of a global conspiracy involving the richest and most effective individuals in the entire world?

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50 Responses

  1. Edd Barnard says:

    lol I just came back for the song

  2. Ben P says:

    bitcoin is not anonymous it's publicly tracked on the blockchain!!!

  3. great video telling the truth, I did not need to buy the program to know it is a scam? i'm using 1STMILLIONROAD BITCOIN for daily income.

  4. Dani Dettori says:

    If only 10 bitcoins existed and I owned only one of them, and then it's divided 100 times, I still own 10% of all coins.

    If only 10dollars exist and I owned only one of them, and they print 10 more dollars. I own 5% of all dollars.

    In the past you could take some paper money to the government, who would exchange it for some gold or some silver based on an exchange rate set by the government. But now the government no longer exchange dollars for gold. The United States is on a system of fiat money, which is not tied to any other commodity. So these pieces of paper in your pocket are nothing but pieces of paper and can be printed infinitely making you poorer and banks wealthier!

  5. 0:32 – bitcoins are not limited, they can be divided infinitely. Right now they call the smallest something like 0.00000001, but if they want to it could be even smaller, like 0,00000000000000001 and so forth. In other words, bitcoin is the dream come true for those who control the dollar printing machine because bitcoin scheme by design allows them "print" bitcoins forever plus its just a number in the database.

  6. Nekito Kun says:

    BitCoin is an attempt to draw power from the world's richest bastards: Bankers. However, the various powers of Bitcoin can be used against the people that use it and trust it.

    * Non regulated
    – If someone steals your bitcoin no one will help you. There's no support line you can call.
    – Nobody can be accountable for devaluations. They could just double the number of bitcoins one day, that will immediately make the bitcoins in you wallet half as valuable.

    * Anonymous
    – They say this form of power is non centralized, but it is. Those who started Bitcoin are the ones in power. You just don't know who they are.
    – How can you trust someone who nobody knows?
    – if it turns out to be a bubble and the ones at the top start running away with all the real money, there will be no names to blame.
    – Did you watch The Wolf of Wall Street? Its similar, you give me dollars (or computing power) and I give you this piece of paper (or digital code) that says you own something valuable (but is probably not).
    – You cannot trace the money. So, you cannot catch the Wolfs (if any) and put them behind the bars.
    – You don't know what they do with all the distributed computing power provided by bitcoin miners.

    So, in resume, it's a bulletproof shady business. It has the potential to create a new better world, or totally nuke it. That totally depends on the mood and intentions of those who own it. Even if they are angels today, who says it will remain psycho-free forever? Anonimity doesn't help.

    If things go bad, BitCoin will burst.
    If things go really bad, it will stay alive but become corrupt. Like a bank but with super powers.

  7. Jarke Nope says:

    More like "Bitcoin vs. the New World Order". This is exactly the type of thing the Illuminati— if it were actually real— would hate to see developed.

  8. Before the video starts, You Tube give me BitCoin ads….

  9. alex santana says:

    Wtf are bitcoins? I get the idea but I'm still clueless. I've been researching this shit for months and I've barely made any progress.

  10. gator36b says:

    Buy gold and non-perishable goods.
    You'll thank me when the digital infrastructure collapses and your buddy's bitcoins are useless.

  11. Eugene InLaw says:

    Originally, bitcoins represented a reward for giving computing power to those who required it

  12. Red Bull says:

    Oohhh will the one world currency be bitcoin

  13. Ihal says:

    I sold my bitcoin for 400 bucks…

  14. Devilsigh says:

    The term "New World Order" is a blanket term for the banking conglomerates and corporatocracy who already control the world, and who's grip on society gets ever tighter with each passing day. It is not some secret organization who meets at the docks at night, dons robes, and has mystical rituals. The New World Order is a pseudonym for the people in society who occupy the highest positions in banking, politics, finance, and government. This notion is just pure fictional garbage.

  15. What happens if you "lose" your bitcoin. I've come to understand that they can be stored on an offline medium like a hard drive. If you do happen to lose the hard drive, how does that affect the total number of bitcoins left in the world? How can they possibly be fed back into the system if?

  16. There was a financial crisis on 2009?…… .-.

  17. Max Keiser promotes Bitcoin but there are evidence he is a shill. I wouldn't trust any currency to be honest. These crypto currencies are the key to end cash for good. Could be part of the NWO agenda? Be careful what you wish for brothers and sisters!

  18. kunal kath says:

    globalist are promoting bitcoin to counter gold, as they are massively short on gold and they dont have physical gold to back their naked short. so by deceiving masses the ll make them buy bitcoin after dollar collapse  rather than gold and silver. but i feel history always repeats itself  gold will rise to 15000 $ and no1 can stop it , not even cryptocurrencies . bitcoin and others are very good to transact but central bank cant take them as reserve. 

  19. Is it possible for me to download the music anywhere? I can't seem to find it anywhere other than on this video

  20. alex ives says:

    dose fit the bill this bic coin

  21. NichoTBE says:

    bitcoin is technically traceable as the blockchain records all transactions, its only the parties on each end that technically remain anonymous.

  22. GamingChente says:

    Wtf is bitcoin i keep hearing about them but i dont get what they are

  23. Do a video about police state

  24. Joreggy says:

    how did this even come to be anyway?

  25. More like kiddy porn currency…

  26. You guys are all dumb bitcoin was created by ManBearPig so he can trace his targets to kill them I'm being super cereal

  27. Another fun fact… one of the people who invented this revolutionary currency was found dead in I think Singaporian hotel… The truth is out there…

  28. xMad says:

    Quick and easy way to earn bitcoins every hour without mining and

  29. nice video, but why you don't make a video about the flight DC-9  Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870 in 1980  since the real reason was never found due to political issues with the researchers & the Italian government  many believe its a cover-up by the Italian government

  30. Phil Latio says:

    So what is "Bitcoin Mining"?

  31. Have you used Bitcoin or any other crypto currencies? Let us know your experiences with them. 

  32. TheChosenOne says:

    Bullshit. People have to stop saying that bitcoin transactions are anonymous. Every transaction made in bitcoin is public.

  33. thediltarget says:

    Actually bitcoin transactions are traceable… its the most inovative part of the bitcoin protocole. The blockchain records all transactions and makes them public via the blockchain.

  34. Well,… if anyone suspects that bitcoin doesn't work the way it is promoted to work, like somehow secretly executing a hidden agenda of a "new world order" or who-ever, you know… you could just read the code. It's not a secret how it works and I would guess if bitcoin does anything it is not supposed to do, it'd be pretty hard to hide it in open source code and established math used in many many other systems for years.

  35. every transaction is tracable, cause its based on an open ledger. you just cant see names linked to the public keys of the sender or receiver of the transaction, so its kind of pseudonymeous

  36. I doubt that the governments aren't able to trace them.

  37. cb4allstar4 says:

    can you do a video on Satoshi Nakamoto?

  38. bit coin first block chain started in 2004

  39. For all the people that do not know what BitCoin is, I'll explain this the most simple way so you can understand what it is and what it does! BitCoin is money, just virtual money! Think of it as a PayPal account, instead the name is BitCoin. BitCoin allows you to get things in life that you'd normally would not be able to get if you we're actually spending cash.

  40. qrayz says:

    Im willing to accept a one world government and currency if it means the end of the states and religion, this would catapult humanities evolution hundreds if not thousands of years into the future.

  41. bitcoin is the future, and just the thing to STOP the new world order.

  42. Is it true that the developer of Bitcoin is missing? I just watched it here in Youtube.

  43. If it's one world then why the fuck can people make their own versions?

  44. Is Bitcoin sustainable? 


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  47. ingramation1 says:

    Bitcoins are NOT untraceable, its called, if you have not associated your name with your address, you are anonymous

  48. Where can I buy bitcoins in Nz?

  49. jammin jtree says:

    i would believe they are traced by someone somehow

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