BIZARRE!! Exploring A REAL Illuminati/Satanic Hotel In Panama (2016)


Exploring A REAL Illuminati/Satanic Hotel In Panama (2016)


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  1. there are 3 billions soules humans on the planet.

  2. Dennis Milne says:

    You are more spiritually connected that is why…… remember my friend "mine elect" you need to be more careful in what you post.

  3. Nart Lamper says:

    hahaha you are a retard dude get a life , the water of room service its radisonn or something , the hotel name is different btw radisonn or radison its hotel name , get a life retard !!

  4. Nart Lamper says:

    its radisson , use google

  5. So your life is filled with you making connections where there are none is basically what you're saying. Christians like you really ERK me! You pretend to know so much, because you have a small amount of knowledge and a whole lot of zealous inspiration, and you convince other Christians (who want to be seen as having occult knowledge, without actually studying the occult) that this false information is true. So every head (especially if it has a scar) is a depiction of a fallen angel? Also, seeing 20 seconds of sheep and goats on a television screen in SOUTH AMERICA is somehow "satanic" ? Furthermore, any and every EYE is the "all seeing eye "of Lucifer? You're in big trouble, because guess what, not only are you surrounded by heads, eye's, and goats, but you indeed have as a part of your being an eye and a head! When you go around claiming that EVERY eye and every head is SATANIC, you're off track, and just making your own fabricated connections where there are none. I suggest doing the opposite of what most Christians do, and what you obviously do, and ACTUALLY STUDY THE OCCULT, BEFORE SPEAKING ON, OR ABOUT IT, AS IF YOU HAVE A DEFINITE GRASP OF IT'S SUBJECTS AND SYMBOLISM! This is coming from someone who's a an occult scholar, and has been studying the occult and practicing magick for over 20 years. All I do when I come across people like you is shake my head at the disinformation you're spreading.

  6. xHeWhoIsIAmx says:

    You are a toolbag. This is the biggest stretch I've seen in some time. You just can't write this stuff folks, but you CAN fabricate it. Some ppl see what they choose to see.

  7. James Brady says:

    The Decapolis was what the ten cities of Israel were called before Yehoshua led the people to conquer them.

  8. It's just artwork. Nothing to be scared of.

  9. Are you kidding me? You believers are so brainwashed!

  10. CA$$!DY says:

    tha illuminati is sum cool niggaz

  11. panama city dwarfs new york? where the fuck have you been living? brooklyn? gtfoh lol

  12. Oh. My. God. Animal Planet is the work of the Devil!!!!! You potatoed the shit out of this hotel!


  14. Tim Fisher says:

    crazy man WTF

  15. wupeide says:

    oh, pulease!

  16. zzzzzzzzzzz………….

  17. 63Rat Rod says:


  18. Kurt Rech says:

    Why are you drinking Diet Coke!?!?!?

  19. Kyle Jaber says:

    All seeing eye is most associated with protection by God

  20. Well, at least the Devil has competitive pricing. Does God have hotels, too? Can you get bacon there?

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