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  1. truth seeker subscribe to me watch some of my videos share enjoy

  2. nopunks1 says:

    All respect to the big homie bizzy. I love him since I was a lil dude however, I realized that when u look up to something as a child one may exceed the ones once praised. I could give a little more insight to my g and the guy askin questions too. I can tell u several angel names.

  3. nopunks1 says:

    Brother Bizzy made such a deep point when he spoke about the introduction of the internet being that evryone began to know everything and it actually being an artificial brain. Thats some real deep shit. the tv is a programming mechanism, the computer is a way of downloading selected info into the brain, and the music is direct hypnotism

  4. nopunks1 says:

    Brother Bizzy acted like he didnt know he know who NIKOLA TESLA is.

  5. Jared Clark says:

    man i love bizzy's music…..but wtf is my negro talking bout? like my guy there was barley 2 coherent thoughts chained together the whole interview…lol

  6. muranoteal says:

    @ truthseekah – have you read the unrantia book? if yes, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

  7. Where in the interview does he talk ouija?

  8. For everyone that can't understand certain points its because thats where your intellect doesnt match his…and there was a couple points where he lost me.. but even I understand i just thought harder about it ..its called being a deep thinker and actually critically thinking. Its hard for people who know a lot to explain everything in order…I would know this..and its very frustrating. Its even more fustrating when people criticize you for it gets to a point where you just have to not care about what other people think. This is where everything comes full circle though, cause we forget everyone is on their own path so everyone is not meant to be able to understand what your saying. Im just thankful that Ive been blessed enough to realize that from a very young age..I never just disregard ideas I personally consider far fetched, and thats how I constantly gain understanding of the way of the universe. If I do come to the conclusion that something is misleading, I also understand theres a reason for that too..everything is really more complex then what a lot of people can fathom and way more complex then what I can fathom, and way more complex than what the people on earth with the most knowledge and connections can fathom.

  9. kirk0116 says:

    british lady in the beginning sounds so fucking annoying WTF that aint gangsta bitch!

  10. very disapointing to hear

  11. Erin Dunford says:

    You asked him specific questions like about the Angel Necula? And instead of telling you about that experience and answer, he STILL couldn't do that and started more rambling. I'm out..

  12. Thank you for this because people think im fuckin losin it.I don't know if im becoming a medium ,thank u for posting this.

  13. 4InFam0us8 says:

    Why and where does the river flow?
    So it returns to the ocean.

  14. Roman T says:

    Once internet came everyone became geniuses…..nah sorry bizzy I don't think so plenty of dummies out there.

  15. most people listening to this can never fathom half of the truth/reality of it all

  16. Dawayla Amie says:

    bizzy bone the G.O.A.T.

  17. Zen Koi says:

    intresting im always seeking truth in a world full of lies ,may the light surround you. guys in the interview bizzy give up the Ghost and let the light shine too all and who ever listens to this important message may the light shine on all of your families much love and repect from Dreamer

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