Black church shooting in Charleston kills nine; has every sign of a deliberate plot to ignite a race war across America

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At every turn these days, there seems to be a deliberate effort to ignite a violent race war in America, turning blacks against whites, citizens against police and neighbors against each other in a wave of media-reinforced racial hatred.

Black church shooting in Charleston kills nine; has every sign of a deliberate plot to ignite a race war across America

When I saw the breaking news of a white man carrying out a deadly shooting in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, I was stunned by the scale of the heinous crime. Nine victims have died, in a church, no less. My heart and prayers go out to all those individuals and families impacted by this unspeakable tragedy. It is precisely this sort of senseless violence that makes peaceful race relations increasingly difficult in America.

That may be the whole point, it turns out.

Signs of a deliberate plot to ignite a race war

As the pieces of this started to come together, it became abundantly clear to me that this attack fits all the signs of a deliberate plot designed to ignite a race war in America.

I don’t have all the answers on this, of course. But I do have all sorts of questions and suspicions. My journalistic skepticism is on high alert regarding this situation, and there are already signs that seem to indicate this crime may have been intentionally plotted to invoke an emotional reaction that would rip apart the culture of America. Consider the facts being reported so far:

• The attack was carried out by a white man. (Or at least a man who appeared to have white skin. These days, we don’t actually know whether this man “self identifies” as white or possibly another race, so we can’t be sure until we ask him… or her.)

• The attack involved the use of a gun, further playing right into the gun control agenda which has repeatedly involved the deliberate creation of crisis by the government. For example: Operation Fast and Furious, masterminded by Eric Holder, was designed to deliberately funnel deadly weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels in order to foster the spread of gun violence in America.

• The selection of a black church as the target achieves the desired psychological goal of an extremely traumatic emotional reaction, further reinforcing the idea to African-Americans that you’re not safe from white people even in the House of God.

• The attack has been accompanied by a bomb threat, following the classic pattern of domestic terror plots which the FBI has routinely plotted and partially carried out in the United States in order to claim it is “stopping terrorism.” Even the New York Times has reported on the FBI’s open involvement in the planning and carrying out of domestic terror plots, many of which very closely resemble this black church shooting in Charleston. See FBI halts terror plot dreamed up by the FBI, then claims victory against terrorism.

NBC News reported another related example as follows:

According to NBC News, FBI agents have arrested an Ohio man who allegedly was attempting to set up an ISIS cell in the United States and planning an attack against the U.S. Capitol Building. However, U.S. officials also told NBC News that there was never any danger because the government set up the whole thing.

• The person who carried out the attack is a classic “lone gunman” as we almost always see in these scenarios. A Washington Post story describes him as a “white male in his early 20s with a small build, wearing a gray sweatshirt, blue jeans and Timberland boots.” (How do they know the brand of boots he’s wearing?)

Here comes the narrative

Right on cue, the narrative that’s going to be hammered home on all this will exploit these tragic deaths for political gain. Here’s what you’re going to see unfold in the government-controlled media:

• A renewed call for a nationwide revocation of the Second Amendment and the outlawing of gun ownership by private citizens.

• The mainstream media screaming about how racial hatred is endemic across America, all while painting all white people as “violent extremists” who might open fire on innocent victims at a moment’s notice. Somehow, Texans will also be blamed in all this, even though this attack happened in South Carolina.

• Renewed calls for a ratcheting up of the police state surveillance of so-called “domestic extremists,” which will include anyone who believes in the U.S. Constitution and / or owns a firearm.

• Public condemnation of anyone who opposed the Patriot Act and unconstitutional government surveillance, along with ridiculous claims that if we only had more government spying on all the citizens, “we could have stopped this crime before it happened!”

• Watch for the media to somehow tie this into Rachel Dolezal and the newly-viral issue of “race self-identity.” You’ll probably hear the brainless talking heads on MSNBC, for example, utter something like, “Even people who IDENTIFY as black wouldn’t be safe from these crazy white gunmen!”

Clues to watch for

Here’s how you can know for sure if this is a deliberate, staged event. Watch for these possible clues to emerge: (these are not predictions, but rather a list of possibilities that might emerge)

• When they catch the shooter, they’ll search his home and computer, including his browser history and search history. Watch for law enforcement authorities to “discover” and announce that the guy has visited and is an Alex Jones fan. They’ll also “discover” that he’s a “gun nut” and owns “radical” books like the AR-15 armorer’s guide (a rifle maintenance guide).

• Ideally, they’ll want to say that this person obtained a gun legally, thereby “proving” that present-day gun laws aren’t working and need to be immediately tightened up to make purchasing and owning firearms either extremely difficult or illegal altogether.

• Watch for some way to tie this shooter into some other agenda the establishment is constantly trying to discredit. For example, they might say this man is found to be an “anti-GMO activist” or an opponent of water fluoridation. Whatever group they’re trying to discredit will be linked to the shooter and then blasted in the press. (“It was discovered today that the shooter refused all vaccinations, and we think that’s why he went crazy, from having a deficiency of mercury!”)

Exploiting the dead for political gain

No matter what happens, you can rest assured that various government authorities will exploit this tragedy to call for a heightened police state and the increased enslavement of everyone, no matter what their race. “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” right? (See if you remember who first said that…)

That’s the greater tragedy in all this. It’s not just a horrible tragedy involving the immediate victims in that Charleston church; it’s also the way in which a dictatorial government will use those dead victims to destroy the freedoms and liberties of honest, law-abiding citizens everywhere… almost none of whom would ever carry out acts of violence against anyone.

The simple truth is that most people are honest, non-violent, law-abiding citizens who just want to live in peace. That’s why these sort of race-based acts of violence have to be deliberately planned and carried out from time to time; in order to invoke a contrived hatred which otherwise would not exist between most people.

Remember the strategy in all this: Divide and conquer. By getting America to erupt into racial violence with chaos in the streets, whoever is behind the green screen can exploit these events to deploy militarized police across our cities and foster a culture of suspicion and fear… both of which play right into the hands of the surveillance police state Edward Snowden has repeatedly warned us never to allow to gain power.

Take a stand for peace

In honor of those innocent people killed in Charleston, we all need to take a stand and demand an end to the race-baiting and media grandstanding that repeatedly exploits these tragedies for political gain.

The best way to honor these innocent victims is to practice living a life of inner peace and love for your fellow man / woman. The more we demonstrate peace and respect for each other, the less effective these violent race-baiters will be in their desire to foment hatred as an insidious tool of control by turning blacks and whites against each other.

In the meantime, send your prayers to these innocent victims in Charleston.

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