Black Goku Arrivals to the Present! The Battle Begins! Dragon Ball Super Episode 50


Using the ring of time of the Kai’s, Goku Black arrives in the present day. The battle of Goku verus Goku Black begins.


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  1. Black goku has rasengan like bardock

  2. Keith77ism says:

    black goku a kai

  3. that bgm is fire tho

  4. Reaper says:

    I think i got an idea of what might happen Black Goku kills trunks and Vegeta finally goes SSJ3 and finishes off Black Goku

  5. Ice dragon says:

    they could go fusion or get that earing

  6. Boss G says:

    Rebuke the devil in Jesus Angel777

  7. Leon SA says:

    Why black goku dont change to super sayian this battle is not even that great

  8. Ascended FTW says:

    Badass entrance

  9. Ty for share, greets ReRiX,..Peace,..

  10. Black: I always wanted to fight you in with body.
    Goku: HAA??? What do you mean???
    Black: You don't need to know about that.
    And suprisingly, Black is so polite Goku.

  11. umagnus77 says:

    no full episode of 50 posted on YouTube yet

  12. che lingua parlate

  13. I'm loving more Black Goku, he is so intriguing.

  14. Joe V says:

    If vegeata could beat em , he would turn blue and kill him

  15. Prince Kaká says:

    Broly doesnt arrive to the present.. Present arrives to Broly

  16. robin c says:

    how tf does everybody know what the hell they saying, what's a website "with English" that will actually play the dam videos

  17. goku got his ass blasted

  18. Anyone knows if the first OST has already been released?

  19. Would any one mind subscribing to me because I recently started uploading dragon ball super, and it's the actual episode (the whole thing)

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