Black Helicopter Radio with guest Jason Bermas! Part 3/5



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  1. bubbyslife2 says:

    jasons almost back YAHOOOOOOOO

  2. MultiSr16 says:

    whyd he gett kicked off infowars.., talkin shit to texx marrs haha, never a good thing in texas hahah, tough shit bermy,

  3. @MultiSr16 Is that why he got kicked off Infowars?? That's too bad. I like Texe Marrs and own one of his books. I like a lot of the work by Bermas as well. I thought Invisible Empire was great. He had countless "New World Order" quotes that I had never seen before.

  4. MultiSr16 says:

    @DarkEcstasyWorld yea, he got into it with texx n we all kno thats alexs go to guy , he married him n his wife for christ sake.., its on youtube., tex marrs n jason bermas., but alex jus said ahh he wasnt plannin on stayin on the radio n he was jus here to do his film, but now jason is tryin to get back on the radio, which makes me thinks him n jones had a split, he didnt even mention him in this interview., .,invisible empire was so good cause it was made under jones anyways, thx for the post

  5. MultiSr16 says:

    @SunscreenAndVitamins if u want a good book., buy THE RESISTANCE MANIFESTO

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