Black Illuminati Part 2 – Sara Suten Seti


Black Illuminati Part 2 – Sara Suten Seti.


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  1. JaskanFactor says:

    conscious thug movement, FTP. Pour some gasoline on the fire to put it out now will ya.What you doing here Niggaz and Hoes don't go with Conscious.

  2. Mouro Sow says:

    The performances were horrible.

  3. i dont know why folks always bring their kids to seti lectures.that nigga cuss too much

  4. Jay Esoteric says:

    sara suten= a delusional fuck for most of his info

  5. He doesn't understand the "I am God" concept, amongst other things.

  6. C Grant says:

    rest and rejoice in the finished work of the cross Paul's good news

  7. jsaw1988 says:

    how the fuck you gon talk about the man but posting his old lectures? foh

  8. Math God says:

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤my niggaz❤❤❤❤❤❤???

  9. Cory Paul says:

    Get on out of America and go back to Africa if you are so proud of your history and culture. Change your slave name too…don't partake in the white mans world either. So don't accept the white man's help in any way shape or form. I bet half or more of the people in the audience sure like the white mans money, food stamps, healthcare, cars, etc, etc, etc…and I bet ya'll listen to violent rap music that is about killing one another as well…

  10. you niggas from america the africans left they slaves here now they control are shit copper color negro google who you are you will see

  11. kai boushe says:

    You should be charged with hate crimes insighting riots and hate

  12. it's about the spirit of love. it's about the war against hate and division despite color. how the fuk u research on utube. That's there for your confusion. the tru source don't share what is known at birth to tru powers that b. anger and aggression is a gift a tru warrior is responsible for and protects. not projects thru emotional displacement. U mad and want others mad with u. That's pussy. performing in a black bodies venue that probably posses the soul of a white. r we really this lost. ain't but one master teacher and it ain't n a body an it's never been n a body. this is our weakest form. the spirit speaks none and shares infinite volumes. this shit trash. trixnology wut real Gs call it. an this bullshit n it's finest. can't believe this shit got a following of 5 when so many live real shit these niggaz cud b fighting for. the blunts u buy ain't black owned, the bud u sale ain't black owned. on the yard these niggaz b quiet as fuk cuz blacks passing these mufukn laws. crackers???? u better check yo fukn history, Booker t. Washington. w.e.b. Dubois these niggaz was mixed breeds and they offspring either white now or blackskin and they passing these laws. my name black Luv, fuk wit it. Sidney muthafukn Sims. if u gone do it do it right. trash this shit. it hurt a real Nigga heart. U niggaz talking. this dumb power. yo ancestors shit on us. That's y we ain't got shit an u niggaz ain't helping. y'all wrong.

  13. who ever talking shit bout the general y'all some bitch ass coons scared fight this dam beast that fucked up everything

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