Black Ops 3 “NIGHTMARES” – Part 9 – World War II Zombies!! (Zombies Campaign Mode)


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  1. I would really be ragen my ass off

  2. ImADA says:

    prediction Kane is the Deimos sister

  3. Why is the campaign different from Xbox one

  4. lol pvt Miller reference

  5. I could do without all the annoying narration

  6. So is this COD's version of WW2 still futuristic?

  7. it's your fault for getting stuck in that house. You should've killed those zombies first instead of skipping them. Also you have to stop blaming others when your the idiot in this situation. You didn't know how to unlock doors in gta and called others idiots and now you say Treyarch made a bad game when yet again, you were the idiot.

  8. anyone notice his cloths changed hahaha

  9. Trevor that's what happens when you didn't had the dingo with you

  10. Would get more views of you didn't use face cam , looks amateur/unprofessional/ tacky

  11. JD RAY says:

    I love the fact that treyarch included Nazi zombies somewhere again, even with the OG sounds!

  12. Evia Brandon says:

    í I laughed when he said booohoo bitches?

  13. Julian Park says:

    Where's Marshawn

  14. how did u get zombies i got regular guys

  15. Now these are Nazi Zombies!

  16. lol #rage and good job trearch white the tiger 2 and bastogne map

  17. Destroy Cars says:

    im here for the tiger ll

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