Black Ops 3 Zombies: Shadows Of Evil – World War Zombies (Playing With Randoms)


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  1. Been here since day 1 alex, and like i always said amazing content as always. Youvreally do know how to make someone laugh haha. Youre the man keep up the good work bro! (:

  2. Yo Alex gonna be playing more today?

  3. Alex how long can you get your beard?
    just curious

  4. max santos says:

    Black ops 3 shadows of evil with a Exo zombies thumb nail that makes sense like if u agree

  5. Marlon Vinza says:

    So far, I've made it to round 16.

  6. Blackice 452 says:

    Your Alex what system you play the most ps4 or Xbox one

  7. Mario Membre says:

    melee only take it or lose your cake

  8. Juan Romero says:

    Alex I been wanting to play with you when can we play I really want to play with you? I been seen and following all your Dragonball Z videos and BO3

  9. play with Paul and Sean

  10. Hasshookah says:

    Highest round is 20 with 3 people

  11. do you like old school call of duty

  12. Bryce Thomas says:

    can you friend request me I want to play with you my gamer tag is Nativeninja345 I would be very happy if you did this.

  13. sorry Alex, ive enjoyed watching your videos and i still do, but sometimes you seem like a bit of a tool

  14. LOL, here in Eastern/ middle Europe everyone says Dracula like that, :)

  15. sprutchTV says:

    sweet gameplay

  16. i want to play zombies with you we can get to a very high rond

  17. Jair Puentes says:

    Hey I got a question shouldn't bordock be alive because of the wish the z fighter mad in nameke

  18. Dbzboss 9000 says:

    I have a glitch for you , if you want to start at round 15 from the begging , when you begin look up you well see a man with purple thing in him any way just keep shooting at him , first you will be at round 5 keep shooting you well go to round 10 keep shooting and you well go to round 15 then the man will disappear and you well have 16000 points try it please it works if you ran out of ammo while shooting there's a pistol for you

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