Black Ops 3 Zombies – World War 3! Future Map?! (Black Ops 3 Zombies Gameplay)


In the map ” The Giant” Nikolai mentions that fought in World War 3 together ! Nikolai is just up his ass from any display 115 , or is it really always …


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  1. because there might be a world war 3 against turkey and Russia

  2. What if sanfrisico city (mob of the dead) is Morg city (shadows of evil) but more inner city. Bc in shadows of evil there's on part of the map were there is a dock and a big body of water. (Sorry for spelling)

  3. many the world war3 is the zombies

  4. many the world war3 is the zombies

  5. Diamond Dogs says:

    there was WW1 WW2 & WW2. WW2 happend twice. one Germany and one in Japan. pkease reply jimbothy

  6. KerspyYT says:

    Maybe a future dlc with the older characters

  7. Mad Miner says:

    Maybe Nicolas was wasted!?!?!?

  8. TheCourier says:

    maybe Nikolai is talking about the aftermath of the origins cut scene

  9. He's also a drunk u forget that but I still agree with u

  10. they are bringing all the crew cause they destroy earth and the people from tranzit are still alive

  11. The Third World War is the zombies outbreak

  12. Calikid331 says:

    I think he means since they lived through WWI and WWII, then this origins crew just went through WWI again then that adds up to 3, idk

  13. Just because Nikolai says "We were allies in all three World Wars" doesn't mean that all four nations were allies. He could just be talking about Russia and America.

  14. That
    I like it

  15. joão pino says:

    hi i went to the map on the laptop and noclip and one of this cages close to the power there was a bynari mensage and its said" in the world war 3 there is always a way out for the 3 of US " i hope thas helpful sory for my inglish

  16. Kevinr3197 says:

    maybe by that comment Nikolai means that each universe they fought in. all four characters were friends after origins and they travel to the past a lot so each time they fight they might consider it a WW3 idk just a guess

  17. Bruh u guys are dead ass retarded. He said they were allies when all 3 were at wars. Never mentions 3 world wars. He refers to origins when they first met. Since the giant takes place after the events of origins

  18. Ummm I think the tranzit die rise and buried maps were all in the future it would all make since to me they dressed like it the map design looked like it it just makes since to me.

  19. maybe it's ww1, ww2 and vietnam war or cold war…but in the cold war there wasn't any fighting. i'm confused now bye

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