Blake Lively Answers Fan Questions


When people really get to know me or I make jokes they’re surprised by my dry humor.” GET MORE BUZZFEED: …


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  1. Blake Lively is just perfect

  2. Kennedy Erin says:

    god I love her so much

  3. Edsel Torres says:

    Blake Lively

    Blake Deadly

  4. Dani Carpio says:


  5. I just watched The Shallows, and it was amazing!!! You guys should watch it!!!

  6. simplysazza says:

    Am I the only one that wanted Serena van der Woodsen to end up with Nate?!?

  7. Kate says:

    Love Blake Lively

  8. shes so perfect

  9. Arina Amadio says:

    She's so lovely I can't believe she's real wow

  10. Blake Lively's idea of a nice day is mine too. That's the kind of day that makes me HAPPIEST. Spending time at home with my husband, listening to good music, while eating delicious food. Then topping it off with cozy time on the couch! 😉


  11. E. Russelman says:

    She's so grounded! It's inspirational :)

  12. daniela mari says:

    Love of my life

  13. Jocelyn says:

    God I love her

  14. Liked this video before I even watched it. Love Blake

  15. huajiluhai says:

    To me…she's always Selena

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