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  1. Dave says:

    The Brzezinski ‘s and other evil bastards of the world .all seem to lurk in the USA and that in my opinion is why the ME and other parts of the world are in strife . When finally the world rids itself of the US and Israel and some of their more stupid lackeys [UK / Canada / Australia . ] So GJS hindsight is very much like the old saying .” Failure to know the mistakes of history [ Hindsight ] Means one will repeat the mistakes ” and we are seeing those mistakes happening in front of our eyes . { Vietnam / Iraq / Afghanistan / and now Syria ] and the list is far greater than this . and all because of the evil bastards that infest the so called Democratic governments of the world . Democratic my Ass !!

  2. GJS says:

    Hindsight is such a great tool, we can use it to blame anyone for anything just about.
    Please get realistic & report what’s happening NOW & not carry on with this highly sceptical & biased journalism OR you will soon become one of those you claim to detest !

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