Blood sacrifice Drake Illuminati Exposed 2015


PLEASE click here to subscribe to channels .. Drake Illuminati RE Hip Hop , discover his sacrifice of blood against his uncle and his satanic rituals .


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  1. werm says:


  2. Not only is this based on NOTHING, but it's aggressively ignorant and without any kind of evidence. You saying, "I know it sounds crazy, but Im telling you" is not good enough for anyone with half a brain. I also noticed the disdain with which a lot of these people speak about homosexuality. Did somebody do something to this guy when he was a boy? Im not even gonna brush past all the mispronunciations, non sequitur nonsense, and baseless accusations. Just think about what you just saw. It was a dude rambling about satan and the "nasty faggots". If it were a homeless dude on the street, you would call him crazy, but Its a guy on youtube, so I guess that makes it true. And let me tell you how fuckin ignorant this dude is: YOU CANT JUST TAKE $2 MILLION DOLLARS OUT OF THE BANK. THERE IS A FEDERAL LAW AGAINST THAT. FOR EVERYBODY. ANY PRIVATE, OR INDIVIDUAL TRANSACTION OVER $9,000 MUST BE REPORTED TO AND CLEARED CLEARED BY THE IRS. There are real problems with hip-hop, and a lot of artists have literally been robbed, bullied, blackmailed, and murdered in the music industry. This kind of nonsense is distracting the people from the real problems. If this guy didn't sound so uneducated, I would accuse him of being a disinformation agent. Those guys go to school though. And they read.


  3. How you know all this stuff?

  4. dampskeet says:

    shit I'd buy a mansion just to have one if I had money tf would I be wanting to buy something that suits me to get a "secret society" mad?

  5. how do you know this

  6. black eagle says:

    in this story is the black soul the demon is looking because the demon no what is the African man the white skin is not interest him because this race longtime loose the number for the really God and the really God is black God is in afrika now.

  7. lpfan247 says:

    if illuminati existed, they would've used their "power" to delete dumn propoganda vids like this off youtube

  8. Drake is still alive you piece of crap

  9. Emma Lovett says:

    If god and satan were real people I would rather chill with satan he sounds more chill and like a cool dude

  10. TheDHoj says:

    How do you get this information? just because someone signed to a label doesn't mean that you're instantly a Satanist.

  11. RoryThePanda says:

    1. You have no real sources, you're just speculating2. Just because people are homosexual and/or kiss each other does NOT make them evil.
    You're a bigot.

  12. MrSilksoul says:

    Actually satanism isn't about being god like,. luciferanism is about being god like. The powers that be aren't satanists, they're luciferean. There's a major difference between the two. lucifereans despise satanism. All of it is deceiving, but thought I'd let you know.


  14. This is true , anti christ runs this world , he is lucifer's favorite , still awaiting his emergence

  15. VAL LUNA says:

    there all stupid idiots, God is the way…

  16. is this guy white or a nigga I don't know.

  17. ok a friend help me get a good banking job…you know put a good word in all this other bullshit you can miss md wit…..good job on selling fear…….ok freemasons help each other but you take the shit to far

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