Blood Sacrifice of Dr Sebi 8/6/2016 Illuminati Ritual for the 2016 Olympic Games



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  1. Sybil Gause says:

    Bobby Hemitt is one of the main ones who helped me to remember who I AM I AM and I send love/peace to all the master teachers, Dr John Herirk Clarke is another and brother Malcolm.

  2. I was waitin for you to drop this one dcbama… thanks fam

  3. indeedforeal says:

    Dr. Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemitt, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr Kwesi, Marcus Garvey, Bro Steve Coakley All of these brothers were influential in my awakening. All of them effected something different in my development at different times. Much respect and much love for all they did.

  4. Daisy Flower says:

    Videos not available

  5. REALMZ says:

    Gona Share This On My Channel eventually Cuz This Is Too Sad Around 50 Holistic Dr.'s Mysteriously Killed In The Last Year Alone Its No Coincidence,, Thanks OfftheHook

  6. sheka03 says:

    I figured they killed him with I heard it was pneumonia that it died from… I truly appreciate all that I was able to learn from him

  7. i knew this was go be uploaded

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