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  1. Coming to a City Near you! Wow! Thanks for the video! Makes Me want to Move Somewhere! But Where? God Help Us All! Peace! Nick

  2. Meh. This is Massachusetts. They worship anyone with a "Kennedy" last name. They love "Camelot" and want to be ruled by royalty. I am surprised that they did not willingly lie face down on the ground and ask for the TSA.

    These liberal types voted for their Dear Leader. I am sure that they will be happy as serfs.

    Only the dog seemed to have balls.

  3. mark keen says:

    can anyone say beta test for martial. law!

  4. The left always hated free prosperous American society. The left has corrupted elections while blaming Republicans for "voter suppression". The left salvates over enfranchising a massive illegal alien underclass that will support Marxist confiscatory policies in exchange for empty promises. All that remains to establish the totalitarian police state is a massive demonstration of rounding up "enemies" so that common people understand that we are slaves. And then the real horrors will begin.

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