Breaking ALERT! Germany Declares Russia An Enemy – WW3


Breaking ALERT! Germany Declares Russia An Enemy – WW3.


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  1. Glory Lilies says:

    Dates please!!!!!! 2 hours ago does not mean anything!!!!!Give us the dates or at least the date you are doing the video! !!!!

  2. tyler durdin is a phony name. its from the movie "fight club." this guy is a stupid jew. no offense to jews.

  3. john doe says:

    lets rape him!!!!

  4. kev control says:

    Commie Jews killed 10 times more people than Hitler

  5. FAKE , News is from Tyler Durden. Jul 24, 2016 and reported by Israeli News Live the same day. You re reporting it as breaking news, you are for the blocked list.

  6. Fuck the jew fake ass news,fear porn bs.

  7. One Spot says:

    Get along everyone, Germans your true enemies are all the Muslims in your boarders let in by Merkel and her Jew mates, ww2 along time ago don't get brain washed again

  8. One Spot says:

    Phillipines not New Zealand lol

  9. Ziad Dibsi says:

    NO matter what you think of this guy, he is saying the truth, the 'main' news are not telling us.

  10. Germany is part of Illuminati.
    illumicorp wants to control the world.
    that's the real enemy

  11. the U.N. and EU wants the world dead. evil bad bad . Russia has never done anything bad.

  12. Don't buy it. German government is sold out to Zionists cabal. Do not do these criminals bidding.

  13. Israel is the most dangerous terrorist state dont worry about russia

  14. K S Barrera says:

    I'm awake, but I feel helpless. I'm trying to tell people what's going on, but everyone is complacent. Our Congress needs to stop Obama. Our country is going to GONE if they don't stop him.

  15. jack hunter says:

    i realy hope WW3.does happen..i say to much talking just send our nukes high…lets party…..yup

  16. AsiA I says:

    German cougar (wildcat) is taken over. meanwhile RussiaN BeaR  knows about it.

  17. euro crap says:

    The illegal settler joo brought illegally by english race on illegal boats made from stolen money and resources from colonies and it's obsession with concentration camps. They will become cannon fodders in that war when other would refuse to show up.
    They whine about concentration camps while building so many for native Palestinians and more 6 million German women were raped and killed by english and Russians including french. So quit whining about your misery. When the war would start you'd run back to mommy usa because britian would be in trouble….lol

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