Sub For more : | Pope Francis Saturday morning called the terrorist attacks on the Paris , I quote , ” third world war ” .


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  1. This old fella is out of his mind. If world war3 begins then we common people only suffer this human God with no brains got no problem. He will be protected.

  2. fuck you all who is warmongering-youn will be shot

  3. Mister C F says:

    It would be trouble if ISIS and Ukraine form a new soviet union that will dispatch many nuclear bombs that can rip off earth to destruction. Would it happen of not?

  4. Dash896 says:

    Watched the live stream of France in YT..
    America: We are so sorry about the deaths we will try to stop the terrorist at any way possible- * Has the largest world army and doesn't do shit since all that terrorist shit has started*

  5. This preachy child-molester Pope shouldn't complain of those he has foolishly defended in the past.

    Tens of millions of maniacal Muslim fanatics ('refugees') from Africa and the Mideast will be invading Europe over the next few decades.

    May the Pope reap the horror that he sows.


  6. Bilal Ahmed says:

    Fuck u pope bring it we ready. If you think there aren't any good muslims im tired of explaining this shit to every redneck like you. We wont take shit from anyone we are ready. Lets do it ww3 bring it you faggot pope

  7. war never changes

  8. Ishaq Khan says:

    thousands of people dying everyday in syria, Palestine but no even spoke about them…..but only a lil incident happen here and u calling this ww3….rubbish

  9. UNIDEN2211 says:

    This video piece is a min and 15 seconds. Lots of propaganda….I hate bullshit, NNN pls dial it back to talk about the facts logically.
    I suspect that the Pope was implying there is a new kind of world war, low intensity terrorists attacks. However, soon enuf there maybe super-powers waging real world wide warfare, and it won't leave any rooms for vague meanings and word play.

  10. When Pope Francis starts condemning, instead of embracing, CORPORATE TERRORISM around the world then maybe, as a ROMAN CATHOLIC, I will take him seriously on social issues otherwise he is better off keeping his mouth shut; for the reason that, he only sounds like a frighten girly girl when he doesn't face up to the greatest terrorism on the face of the earth. At least Pope John Paul II had the courage to stand up to communism and defeat it. I see Pope Francis as a COWARD. We need a strong Pope not a cowardly lion and or paper tiger: i.e. cry baby.

  11. Oh, so he's given the order for hostilities to go into overdrive…The Vatican is at the root of all of this. They've been behind conquest foe 2,000 years and they are the push behind the inception Israel, the greater Israel plan and the NWO,.

  12. world war who verses who? its just the world against isis right? Islamic state are taking responsibility for all these tragic incidents and our countries are doing nothing just waiting for the next one. the news paper companies love it journalists love it. this stuff makes them money makes us dumb fuckers buy their newspaper. click on there website to read all about it. sometimes I think news paper companies and news broadcaster shows manipulate all the goings on in the world because if it was all peace and lovely in the world they would be out of a job. you don't wana hear that a man won the lottery we want to hear murder and violence on the TV we show this by our interest in action movies and horror movies. kung fu flicks. same for crime without criminals unemployment would hit the roof. we all know the government and police are crooked. why do we ignore it.

  13. WW3 started with the 9/11 false flag attack. This has been followed by a series of such events. 13/11/15 was the start of WW3 in Europe. It is all part of the global power elites' strategy to get us cattle to kill each other off, leaving this planet to be their playground, without all us "useless eaters"  (cattle in their view) cluttering up the landscape. We are unsustainable in their new world that they are planning. We need to come together and take back our sovereignty. In the UK we have a security clause in Magna Carta1215, Article 61, which information has been systematically denied by successive governments since 2001. They want us to revolt so they can grab total power under the guise of "national security". But we are collectively waking up.

  14. here's the thing shut up were all. fucked so deal with it it's called being a adult u lot should try it sometime

  15. MacMagic129 says:

    We dont want war!

  16. spizzardo says:

    Talking about trying to whip up hysteria! Talk about irresponsible and stupid. They'd start a war for the sake of a superstitious delusion and claim god's sanction or god's will, as supposed through very vague and oft twisted to suit varying agendas over the ages, biblical prophecies, for doing so (where have I heard this before? Except they cite Koran, which is even more perverse.)

  17. "A central bank is a criminal syndicate. A central bank's principal role is war finance because war finance is the most profitable enterprise you can get into." — Eustace Mullins
    We prefer peace.

  18. Fly Flicks says:

    This channel is stupid.

  19. alpha7B5 says:

    CIA + Mossad + MI5 = ISIS So, it can be said literally the Paris attacks were funded, coordinated and executed by the NATO strongest players (with that famous special relationship …) along with (at least) one of their best friends. Go figure! :> It really looks like someone (or quite many of them for that matter) pretty eagerly wants that WW III. :-/

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