BREAKING: Canada Gives Russia 24 Hours To Get Out Of Their Country Declares Ukraine Invasion An Act Of Aggression


Nine Russian soldiers who were participating in military exercises in Canada have been expelled from the country, as Ottawa continues to denounce Russia’s military intervention in Crimea, CTV News has learned.

A government source confirmed that the soldiers were informed Thursday afternoon that they had 24 hours to leave Canada.

BREAKING Canada Gives Russia 24 Hours To Get Out Of Their Country Declares Ukraine Invasion An Act Of Aggression

Six of the soldiers were in Saint-Jean, Que., where they were learning English and French. Another two soldiers were participating in a training program at CFB Gagetown, and the ninth soldier was teaching Canadian soldiers Russian in Gatineau, Que.

The move comes days after Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that all planned bilateral activities between the Canadian Armed Forces and the military of the Russian Federation are suspended, including exercises such as NORAD’s Exercise Vigilant Eagle.

On Thursday, Harper said the government would not recognize the results of a referendum in Crimea on whether to join Russia because the region is “currently under illegal military occupation.”

Lawmakers in Crimea voted unanimously Thursday to leave Ukraine and join Russia. They have scheduled a referendum for March 16 so voters can weigh in on the decision.

The vote was denounced by the international community. In his statement, Harper once again criticized Russia’s incursion into the Crimean peninsula as “an act of aggression, a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, and of international law.

“Canada will not recognize a referendum held in a region currently under illegal military occupation. We will continue to view the situation in Ukraine with the gravest concern and will continue to cooperate closely with our G-7 partners and like-minded allies,” the prime minister said in a statement.

Later, after question period, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said “you can’t have a valid referendum in 10 days.”

“It’s unacceptable and it’s wrong and we won’t recognize it,” he told reporters in the foyer of the House of Commons.

The international community has been grappling with how to respond to Russia’s decision last weekend to move troops into Crimea in what Russian President Vladimir Putin described as a strategic move to protect both military interests and Russian-speakers in the region. World leaders and diplomats decried his rationale and weighed options for a response.

On Wednesday, Harper announced that Canada will send two representatives to join an international military observer mission to Crimea, as well as freeze assets of members of former president Viktor Yanukovych’s regime.

He also said Canada is suspending its participation in a joint commission to promote economic co-operation between the two countries, and is considering what financial aid it can offer to Ukraine.

On Thursday, Ukraine’s interim prime minister called the vote by Crimea’s lawmakers illegitimate, and a European Union official suggested that the West would not recognize the referendum’s result.

“This is our response to the disorder and lawlessness in Kyiv,” said Sergei Shuvainikov, a member of the Crimean legislature. “We will decide our future ourselves.”

Crimean voters will be given the option of voting “yes” or “no” to joining Russia, or of choosing a third option to remain part of Ukraine but with “enhanced powers.”

Russia says if Crimean voters elect to join Russia, legislation would be introduced to speed up the process.

Baird said Canada will continue to work with “friends and like-minded allies” to get Russia to reverse course.

When asked about concerns of right-wing elements in the interim Ukrainian government, Baird said Canada is encouraging the new government “to be fully representative of the diversity of the whole country.”

“I raised Canada’s concern about anti-Semitism, and said that all political leaders, whether they be in government or in opposition, should try to build a pluralistic Ukraine.”


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  1. Tamara says:

    You know what Stan, I have seen enough of your disgusting , racist, anti-semetic blathering comments ever since I’ve gotten this email subscription. I have nothing against our United States friends, but I am proud to be Canadian. And if or when shtf there , I can bet there will be flocks of Americans wanting what we have. Moreover, we still have kept God on our side , I’m well aware of your view of that too, but we shall see won’t we? Have you people nothing better to do than bash every other country that is not yours! At least our priminister has the guts to stand up against evil instead of spreading it. You truly must be a joy to be around, I pray you one day truly experience love. It starts with treating others as we would like to be treated. Words are cheap and easy, action is not. I’m honored Canada took a stand. May ignorance and genecide never be part of Canada’s heritage again.

  2. What a joke indeed. Like anybody cares aboot Canada. Half the population is a bunch of French surrender monkeys and the other half a bunch of hippies and rednecks. Oh! And Rob Ford. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Canada – Tel Aviv North –

    • hearingissweet says:

      Stan Sikorski you really don’t have a clue what you are talking about now do you? you must be one of those Trolls…I think if you want to say something make sure you actually contribute to the conversation…people are people and we are all going to suffer at the hands of evil men who are full of deceit and greed…no one will be spared…the lies are perpetuation so that they can cause division and fear. If you are not willing to contribute to enhancing life, knowledge and help each other then I would suggest go do something else.

      • Oh boo fuckin hoo. You are the reason MEN have to take the reins and decide where the world carries their species. Shut your piehole and get back in the kitchen where you belong foul wench lest ye be beaten for your insolence. Your breed are part of the reason we are in this mess. When MEN ruled things there was no backtalk and constant progression. Then the jew’s feminism unleashed your bullshit and you ran with it, helping to destroy all we have worked for.

        I enhance life – the life that was good enough for my forefathers. I enhance and perpetuate knowedge, the knowledge that was good enough for those that came before me that built the very world you walk. And I suggest you shut your trap before you totally put your foot in your mouth, posthaste foul trollop.

        Enough of you.

  3. Doc No says:

    Stephen Harper, Rothschild Dy-nasty’s pawn flexing muscles he doesn’t have!

  4. ravenmaven says:

    What do they call AIPAC in Canada??
    NINE…9…??Russian soldiers are being expelled from Canada??
    What a joke!!!

    • robertsgt40 says:

      I’m more concerned with the Russian troops(a lot more than six) that are in the US “training”

      • Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi says:

        Canada should be greatly commended for taking the first positive step to condemn Russian illegal occupation of Crimea by giving 24 hour notice to Russian soldiers now working in Canada as guests. May God bless the Canadian leadership for the ACTION.

  5. ravenmaven says:

    What do they calk AIPAC in Canada:

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