Breaking Down The Illuminati And The New World Order



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  1. HIFI man says:

    This is way too old.  Ya, EyezOpenWyde to the past history, but not of today's.

  2. ste c says:

    Great vid very informative

  3. is this Robert Stack from the old crime series The Untouchables…..very good video 

  4. im 14 and a kid that always seeks knowledge and i do not know what to think of this video. i would like to think that the world can go on to live how it is now but now after watching this video it seems like its enebitatel ( sorry not a great speller ) of how the world is going to be. personaly im scared but thats what illumicorp wants in entirely to be fear and respected. but the whole thing about the corperations being contolled secretly by higher than government its kinda non beliveable. and the religion and how illumicorp has shaped it to carry out its dutys in a way is VERY non beliveable religion has been around for a long time longer than 1902. And the guy said to not speak about illumicorp publicly, and by this video is voiding its own guidelines. and the way it talks about how illumicorp can control the world is very plausable and very scary in my opinion. and if illumicorp is that old it seems like the first member would be fucking jonhney appleseed for fuck sake. and the owner of this video respond to this in any manner id just like to ask you a few questions  

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