Breaking Down The Illuminati – Part Eight



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  1. Video best watched in large player or full screen! Warning – not for children.

  2. YOUR1FAKE says:

    kesha die young video has all this and more

  3. MrIncrysis says:

    Scum, absolute scum. Watched the series and many other videos. This is the real deal people wake up soon!!!

  4. The thing that bothers me is these entertainer's fans follow and worship them. Yet these entertainers know the secrets and what they are doing to their fans, they claim to love. But that cannot be, because they are knowingly, subconsciously leading them to eternal damnation. They are selfish and do not care for anyone but themselves, period.

  5. mike lowery says:

    did anyone else video stop half way thru creepy.

  6. MoonStar757 says:

    Wow…im so heartbroken rite now….Disney is like my childhood in celluloid, i had the merchandise, the dvds, the albums gosh i still know most of those songs by heart 🙁 and to top it off Beyonce used to be one of my fav singers ever, based upon her songs, some of which really connected with me on a personal level (Broken-hearted Girl, End of Time, Listen, Irreplaceable and Halo to name a few), her voice and her undeniably endearing personality (in interviews, specials, docs etc). She was just so lovely! …and it was all a fat lie bcos she worships lucifer… #disappointed    #wideawake  

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