BREAKING NEWS: Indian Terrorists Behind Attack on Sri Lankan Cricketers in Lahore – Updated Full Coverage



Lahore CID Department’s Secret Source Report to inform that RAW is planning attack on Sri Lankan Players:
Lahore Attack in Pictures
Courtesy : PKKH
LTTE and Lahore
To understand what happened in Lahore, we need to understand what is happening in Sri Lanka and the axis of Tamil and RAW terror. Here is a BrassTacks paper on LTTE terror in Sri Lanka and their Indian backers. You Lahore will make sense.

Indian Army-Issued Weapons used in Lahore Attacks?
LAHORE – Sources have informed PKKH that weapons recovered in the aftermath of the Lahore attacks on Sri Lankan cricketers include a Russian made RPG-22, a one-shot disposable anti-tank rocket launcher and an 84 mm Carl-Gustaf Recoilless Rifle Launchers.
Both these weapons are standard Indian Army issuance.
The RPGs used by Pakistani / Afghan militants is the soviet era RPG-7 – the most widely distributed and used RPG in the world.

Thank You Mr. Bus Driver !
It’s with irresistible delight the whole country watched and read the heroic act of the bus driver who was conveying our cricketing ambassadors to the Lahore stadium on that fatal day March 03, 2009. If not for the timely and levelheaded action taken by Mr. Mehar Mohammad Khalil who was driving our cricketing heroes to the ground on this fateful day, not only to the cricketing fans but to the whole country it would have been a true melancholy and a desolation. In fact had he not had the bold and conscientious mind to get the bus moving after the initial attack our loving heroes would have been a far easy target for the fanatics. This diminutive man seems to have driven the bus at full speed carrying the cricket team, without leaving it and running away which would have been the safest thing for him to do in terms of his personal safety. Sri Lankans must pay a special tribute to this simple but extraordinary man for his remarkable bravery in the face of direct gunfire from highly sophisticated weapons of ruthless, brutal barbarians. I feel that our Cricket Board must get Mr. Mehar Mohammad Khalil down to Sri Lanka and bestow a special accolade in recognizing his brave action that saved our adoring champions.Full Report-
(The LankaWeb-05/03/09)

There is more to life than cricket. Cricket madness has gone beyond leaps and bounds, one country enjoying and celebrating (India) whilst another neighbor (Pakistan) is trying hard to attract the game into their country. Needless to say, professional jealousy is at the highest point now, innocent Sri Lankan cricketers became a ham in the sandwich. For saving the lives of our loving cricketers, we are indebted to the Driver of the bus which carried them. Just imagine what would have been the consequences, if Indian cricket team was attacked in Lahore? Within less than 12 hours, Indian Army would have crossed the Pakistani border to capture the terrorists. By now entire region would be in turmoil. But, full credit to Sri Lanka Government, they are not blaming Pakistan mainly due to basic understanding between the two friendly nations. Both Mahinda Samarasinghe and Rohitha Bogollegama selected their words with great care not to blame Pakistani Government. This understanding is lacking between India and Pakistan. If there is one more incident of terrorists attacks in either country, we can expect the worst. Full Report-
(The LankaWeb-05/03/09)

The Aftershock Of the Lahore Terror Attack, Its Ramifications For the Future Of Cricket And Whether Or Not it Could Have Been Prevented!
Sunny ~ Sightscreens Unlimited For LankaWeb
March 4th 2009
The theories will be endless and the post mortems will continue ad infinitum but the indelible reality as much as it is painful to suggest has to be, that Pakistan is partly a nation of sick puppies politically enmeshed in turmoil, nationally disoriented where armed and dangerous packs of terrorists roam freely ranging from the Taliban to Al Quaeda and plethora of rabid Fundamental Islamic zealots to whom dangerous weapons are as easily accessible as a pair of sandals from a local bazaar and to top it all up the Nation is also nuclear capable! Sends shivers up the spines of those who could translate the ramifications of this awareness towards what may be envisioned (despite the pun) as something which could take on global proportions! Sri Lanka ever the magnanimous moderator perhaps with a touch of the traditional Sri Lankan Ahimsa at heart rather than taking a cue from the perceptions of what has now turned out to be beyond paranoia as exhibited by England, Australia, South Africa, The West Indies and New Zealand perhaps even lowly Zimbabwe from many perspectives in avoiding Pakistan as a playing venue has had to pay a heavy price for taking lightly the apprehensions of these perceptive nations and has emerged scathed albeit marginally in the foolhardy venture of agreeing to be the stop gap team to supplement Pakistan’s drying oasis of cricket. One which has now turned red with the blood that has been shed and a shame from which the Nation is going to take a very long time to recover. Full Report-
(The LankaWeb-05/03/09)

Strongly condemning the terror attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Lahore this morning, Pakistan said the attack was perpetrated by the enemies of Pakistan-Sri Lanka friendship.
Let the world know that this is the truth.

Noor Nizam. Sri Lankan Peace Activist and Freelance Journalist & Communication Studies Teaching University Personnel. Hamilton, Canada.
At least dozen gunmen opened fire and lobbed hand grenades at the bus carrying the Sri Lankan team to the Gadaffi Stadium in Lahore and the security convoy escorting the bus. The attackers fired AK-47s and rockets and hurled grenades at Sri Lanka’s team bus as it was being driven to Lahore’s Gaddafi stadium for the third day of a match against Pakistan. They then escaped after a firefight with police that lasted 30 minutes. The attack killed six security personnel and two civilians including the driver of a convoy vehicle transporting umpires. Unidentified gunmen opened fire and lobbed grenades on the bus carrying the Sri Lanka cricket team to the Gadaffi stadium morning of march 3rd., injuring eight players including the assistant British coach. According to the CEO of Sri Lanka Cricket, Dulip Mendis, the two top order batsmen Thilan Samaraweera and Tharanga Paranawithana were injured by the gun shots while other players were injured by shrapnel from the shattered glasses of the bus. Captain Mahela Jayawardena, Vice Captain Kumar Sangakkara, Ajantha Mendis and Chaminda Vaas were injured by the shrapnel. Meanwhile Pakistani officials this afternoon said that two injured Sri Lankan players, Thilan Samaraweera and Tharanga Paranawithana will not be moved for another 72 hours from hospital. .Full Report-
(The LankaWeb-05/03/09)

By Walter Jayawardhana
The Pakistan government offered US $ 125,000 (or 10 million Pakistan Rupees ) as reward for anyone giving help to catch the terrorists who attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team near Lahor’s Gaddafi Stadium. At a joint press conference held together Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama the Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Quereshi said in Islamabad that the Pakistani law enforcement authorities have “important leads” Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama in a statement broadcast by a state owned television channel in Sri Lanka said that the Pakistani President Asif Ali Sardari has telephoned President Mahinda Rajapaksa and had expressed his apology to the President, the government and the people of Sri Lanka over the incident. So far , no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. A news agency quoting a shocked juice shop owner near the Liberty Chowk traffic circle where the attack took place quoted him as saying , “We just can’t understand why anyone would want to kill Sri Lankan players. They have nothing to do” with the fight against Islamic militants. Full Report-
(The LankaWeb-05/03/09) EXCLUSIVE – 03/March/09
Terror struck at the heart of cricket when masked gunmen attacked the bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team to the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

Sources within the security establishment had been aware of an imminent attack being planned by Research & Analysis Wing – India’s premier intelligence agency.

“We had been picking up chatter and had received important information from the R&AW terrorists arrested in recent weeks. An attack was imminent. We had prepared for any eventuality and Alhamdolillah we were able to avert a major catastrophe. The security team fought bravely”, said a source on condition of anonymity.
Five cricketers, including Mahela Jayawardene, the Sri Lankan captain, and his deputy Kumar Sangakkara, received minor injuries. The attack left five security men dead.
Sports producer Gavin Scovell said security teams responded quickly.“The guards were brilliant. They weren’t panicking. They were very calm,” Scovell said. “It must have been a terrifying experience, but they handled it well.”
The police said grenades and rocket launchers had been found at the site of the incident.The attack in Lahore is designed to damage the strong military relations Pakistan shares with Sri Lanka. Pakistan’s military assistance has been Sri Lanka was key in destroying LTTE in Sri Lanka.
The attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers comes just a day after Sri Lankan state media published photographs and videos of Indian ministers including MDMK chief Vaiko, with LTTE supremo V Prabhakaran.
Discovered at the rebel satellite communication centre in Puthukudiruppu west on Sunday, the photographs show “certain South Indian politicians in LTTE camps in Wanni,” the defence ministry said.
Update 03/March/09: Repercussions of Mumbai Drama- Attack on Sri Lanka’s  Team
By Zaheerul Hassan

The Indian government through its intelligences agencies is madly busy in obliterating the regional peace by carrying out terrorist activities in the neighbouring countries,   On March 3, 2009   a group of 12 individuals trained by the RAW carried out terrorist attacks on cricket team of Sri Lanka near Gaddafi   Stadium Lahore.  According to the government officials the   masked gunmen armed with rifles and rocket launchers started an organized and ruthless firing on the team. As result several players wounded and six   individuals of police have been killed.  The reasons of carrying out assault against Lankan’s are quite obvious because she rejected Indian demand of not despatching her cricket team to Pakistan. Other reason is that New Delhi faced horrible defeat on diplomatic front in the case of Mumbai Drama. Her intelligence agencies and government is being criticized inside the country as well as at international level. She also failed to provide the solid evidence to FBI and Interpol in the past.  At many occasions Indian Foreign minister and army Chief threaten that they have various open options to attack   Pakistan.   There are reports that these terrorists have entered into Pakistan from the river side and stayed in various areas of Lahore few days earlier of launching this attack. They have carried out the rehearsals and observed the movement of the team a day prior to assault. Pakistan Rangers and troops deployed on border should keep themselves alive and alert because the terrorists might use the border while falling back to India. In short Lahore attack will be taken as repercussions of Mumbai Drama. World community should enforce their pressure on India to stop storming state terrorism in the region. Update 03/March/09

An exclusive discussion in The Editor’s Show with Zaid Hamid and Gen Hamid Nawaz about who could be involved in Lahore attach on Srilankan Cricket team? Who is attacking our long standing friends? What could be the intentions behind it? Is it regional game? Are there any links with Mumbai Attack? and much more..

To listen to interview please click here.

Updated 04 March 2009 by PKKH

Indian Terrorism in Sri Lanka & Pakistan
To understand what happened in Lahore, we need to understand what is happening in Sri Lanka and the axis of Tamil and RAW terror.
ATTACHED: BrassTacks Policy Paper on LTTE, Sri Lanka & Struggle for control of the Indian Ocean.
Download here:

Govt had been warned RAW planning attack
A secret investigative report has just surfaced prepared by the Additional Inspector General of the Crime Investigation Division, Punjab on 22nd January 2009 outlining the potential threat to the Sri Lankan team.
Read the scanned copies of the report:
WATCH: Ansar Abbasi reveals January 22 Intelligence Report Predicting attack on Sri Lankan cricketers by RAW

India Behind Lahore Attack
VIDEO: Kamran Khan’s MUST WATCH report on GEO:

Pakistan’s Munich: The Enemy’s Fingerprints | Ahmed Quraishi

The Indian fingerprints in the attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team cannot be ignored. New Delhi has been at war with both Islamabad and Colombo for decades. Hitting both in one place is a masterstroke. Indian military and its agents should brace for retaliation.
Read Full Article: Pakistan’s Munich: The Enemy’s Fingerprints

Four suspects arrested in connection with Lahore attack | Farzana Shah
Read Full Article:

Thanking a Hero: Meher Mohammad Khalil
Sangakkara thanks the Bus Driver responsible for saving lives:

This is declaration of war by India: Nabil Gabol
Minister of State Nabil Ahmed Gabol said India is behind the attack on Sri Lanka’s cricket team in Lahore on Tuesday, saying the attackers had crossed into Pakistan from India.
“The evidence which we have got shows that these terrorists entered from across the border from India,” Gabol told Geo News.
“This was a conspiracy to defame Pakistan internationally. This incident took place in reaction to 26/11,” he said. It is a declaration of open war on Pakistan by India,” said the minister.

VIDEO: Jayasuriya talks to the media

VIDEO: Sri Lankan Cricketers Leave in Pakistan Airforce Choppers

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    India Drowning In Its Own Excrement
    Written by J Gale
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    Until May 2007, Meera Devi rose before dawn each day and walked a half mile to a vegetable patch outside the village of Kachpura to find a secluded place.

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    In the shadow of its new suburbs, torrid growth and 300- ­million-plus-strong middle class, India is struggling with a sanitation emergency. From the stream in Devi’s village to the nation’s holiest river, the Ganges, 75 percent of the country’s surface water is contaminated by human and agricultural waste and industrial effluent. Everyone in Indian cities is at risk of consuming human feces, if they’re not already, the Ministry of Urban Development concluded in September.

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    Pakistani cops repay Lankan debt
    Four Sri Lankan soldiers died protecting Pak envoy in 2006

    Friday, March 06, 2009
    by Rahimullah Yusufzai

    In the same way in which six Pakistani policemen laid down their lives while protecting the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore on Tuesday, four soldiers of Sri Lanka’s army escorting Pakistan’s high commissioner Col (Retd) Bashir Wali Mohmand had offered the supreme sacrifice when a bomb explosion killed them in Colombo in August 2006.

    The two incidents show that a bond written in blood now characterizes Pakistan’s friendship with Sri Lanka. Cops and soldiers from the two South Asian nations have sacrificed their lives while protecting each other’s dignitaries.

    At Lahore, policemen Mohammad Tipu Farid, Mudassar Nadim, Faisal Rasheed, Muhammad Sultan, Tanveer Iqbal and Zafar Iqbal were killed in the terrorist attack targeting the Sri Lankan cricketers. A civilian, Zafar Khan, the bus driver transporting cricket umpires from the hotel to the Qadhafi Stadium, was also killed.

    At Colombo on August 14, 2006, the four Sri Lankan commandoes who lost their lives while escorting the Pakistani high commissioner to safety were Corporal Samantha and his colleagues Sesira, Cinthaka and Prema Jayantha. A civilian, who was a distant relative of Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa, and had parked his car on the road to do some shopping, was also killed. Another soldier named Bandara was wounded in the attack.

    Read more…

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