Breaking News October 13 2015 EMP Global Threat & SYRIA brink World War Three


Breaking News October 13, 2015 EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse Global Threat from the Sun or man-made satellite technology nuclear devises STAR WARS .. .


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  2. World war? not in the South East Asia, we are not stuppid arrogant people, never enough… we watch all of u did, how crazy war maniac… Nato vs Russia, Liberalism (Western) vs Komunism (China), Zionism (israel & isis is zionis to) vs Shia… here, there is nothing like that… no nuke 'fruit' here, we are not plant nuke.. we are not harvest it.. btw EMP? what fruit is that?? making satisfy? hohoho.. another evil fruit, just eat that.. C U.. piss

  3. 천사 says:

    EMP has no effects whatsoever. They only can disrubt radio signals for about 10 seconds and that's it. He is joking the whole time. Irianian Russian Empire Imperial behaviour? Hahaha.

  4. Everything seems to be escalating ?

  5. siminthesky says:

    what will happen with the nucleair plants in the world if they are getting shut down by the emp wave?

  6. bob moffat says:

    He contradicted himself. and I do think that America has got satanic powers in government.

  7. rhiannish says:

    "at least we usa and russia did not blow each other" good for you i hope it stays that way for another century or two

  8. piroska49 says:


  9. is it me, or is that guy very boring to listen too. omg please let a woman do the public speaking your very poor at it.

  10. MrDovydas20 says:

    It looks like they almost believe what they are saying, dictatorship empire, what a joke

  11. Ima J Walker says:

    Isn't it a shame that TRUTH is never reported.. so how /why should we believe what they report? yawn!

  12. Hamed Masoud says:

    Rogue nations such as "IRAN"? Not a very polite and civilized way of calling my people that way.

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