Breaking News !!! US is on the Verge of Nuclear War ! WW3 Syria


Breaking News !!! US is on the Verge of Nuclear War!


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  1. Gressy Kid says:

    USA lets kick ass

  2. nuclear weapons don't work period SO get it right, don't talk crap. OK

  3. If she leads us into war we would probably lose.

  4. selassi son says:

    why america cant stay out of other people business

  5. Madame Gray says:

    Call me childish but I die laughing every time Valdemire Puttin name is said!

  6. Cool Guy says:

    Does this mean no more Xbox 1 gaming in the near future due to mass power outages.

  7. John Dough says:

    good greif people America is mystery Babylon in the bible!!!! just look at the statue of liberty which is actually "libertas" from the romans and also "isis"! which is actually the whore of babylon!! just look up what happens to mystery Babylon when the "king" from the south "obama" who was born in africa or Hawaii which is south of isreal, fights the "king" from the north "putin"!! it does not end well for babylon!!!

  8. It's pronounced CRY-MEE-A as in Cry Me A River

  9. It's pronounced CRY-MEE-A as in Cry Me A River

  10. rock n roll says:

    we all know is our goverment who wants fucking war not russia

  11. lol……………..rethuglican / trump supporter fool. how fake.
    another cis / hetero white guy! geeee…big surprise

  12. Michael Doe says:

    Something certainly is afoot in the satanic political world. Only God Knows and only God will destroy Satan.

  13. The US Government is h3ll bent on destroying half the population of this world

  14. Ok, tell us something we don't know. Hello, Belgium went in. Russia did nothing. Putin, is scared. Stop repeating other peoples news. Grow some balls. Stop being scared. The big boys want to fight, let them fight.

  15. Jimbo Jones says:

    This is a pattern of the American Empire to hire mercenary armies from within the countries they wish to assimilate. A quick study of Latin America in the 20th century shows this clearly.

  16. Kurt Arnold says:

    Damascus Syria is no longer

  17. Humanity has been in a constant state of war for all time… but not for much longer!

  18. john inman says:

    can't we all just eat nachos in peace

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