Breaking News – US set to use army to put down protests


An analyst informs that the US has its army on standby against the Occupy and student movement as the economic situation in America deteriorates day by day.

Rodney Shakespeare: The authorities though are getting nervous and even vicious toward the protesters. The army is being readied to move in. A law will allow the US government to disappear anybody – there’s fascism for you. They may censor the internet; and there are demands for war to hide the true situation.

And the reason for all this is in fact the overall economic situation. If you start with Europe where the Euro could be weeks even days away from collapse, that could result with the sovereign debt of Europe being defaulted. That will mean billions even trillion of payments by the USA banks, which hold the derivatives or the insurance. But they don’t have the money to pay.

Recently the Bank of America moved 70 trillion – that’s 70 trillion dollars worth of derivatives to a Bank of America commercial holding company, which is government insured. Now, 70 trillion is larger than the global economy.

So if you put it all together the USA is getting very very nervous that the whole thing is about to blow up and of course at that point the protests and demonstrations in the USA will multiply by a factor of perhaps three or five and they are getting ready to go in with a fascist suppression.

The protesters are actually representing not just deep unease, but the nasty reality of 20 percent unemployment overall with a 40 percent unemployment amongst youth groups, blacks and Hispanics – As for the homelessness, it is hidden. Homelessness is now out in the woodlands and scrublands away from general perception, but it is rising very fast as is also the number of people who are on food stamps.

So it is not just a question of the courage of the protesters – and they are being brave – it’s that the situation is deteriorating very rapidly. And the authorities can see that not only the nitty gritty detail of the population is getting worse, but they can see that the overall banking collapse is getting worse. So one way or another the authorities are showing signs of vicious as a prelude to what will be panic. And I’m afraid with panic will come irresponsible violence.


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  1. GJS says:

    If things get this far I would imagine that the armed forces would only support the Government to a certain extent, it is one thing to send your army into a place where they know no-one, can’t speak the lanuage & know nothing about the culture BUT to expect the same armed forces to do the same in their own country is a totally different kettle of fish.
    While there will always be some people who would fight whoever or whatever the “enemy” is the command structure of the armed forces is another thing, these are patriotic people who love their nation & fellow countrymen just like the vast majority of soldiers who I seriously doubt would just blindly do whatever the Pollies wanted, there would be a line in the sand so to speak that they would NOT cross.
    Personallly I hope no such scenario ever ever happens but if it does it would be rather naive of the powers that be to just assume the armed forces would back them no matter how far they wanted to go.

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