BREAKING NEWS! WORLD WAR 3 ON THE HORIZON! Terrorists caught! Ebola Africa murders and more!


Are we about to take a plunge into World War 3? Are the Russians spying on us? More news on IS and there activities and their foiled attempt at coming into the …


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  1. Thank you for your updates on the mess that's going on. Please don't give up on your videos. You give the viewer's a lot of information. 🙂 Thank you. God Bless. 

  2. I get mocked and laughed at when I try and tell friends and coworkers about the latest and how we are living in the end days before Christ comes back. I just don't understand my generation.

  3. violeman says:

    ***BREAKING NEWS ****U.S. begins airstrikes in Syria …
    Here we go !!! I doubt Russia will sit back on this one !!
    Stay safe everyone !!!

  4. Please see  thewarningsecondcoming dotcom
    ….Then I will be seen by every person in every country, at the same time, in all My Glory, as I come to reclaim the Kingdom promised to Me by My Father….
    Your Jesus

  5. Please support my wife's effort to Help the Russian Missionaries that are helping orphans in Nepal: I talked about the Nepal natural disaster in my latest video:

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