BREAKING! Real Scary Footage Of Hurricane Matthew And Nibiru – Is It Headed For NY ? NEWS UPDATE


Shocking Nibiru Footage – Hurricane Matthew Conspiracy – Guantanamo Evacuation Issued!


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  2. I feel so bad and plus my friend Antonio his cousin lives there. ?

  3. UoS AUTH says:

    what has nibiru got to do with this?

  4. There is no hard proof of it as well

  5. Brings up a good point about Hati tho

  6. What happen to Orlando

  7. What the hell is a nibiru some kind of Indian tribe

  8. No it's just the ocean and some red meatball.

  9. 7:10 it's a red meatball were all gathering and planning to eat.

  10. Ruby Lages says:

    omg i cant wait till this year ends in real life im crying????this is no normal thing the hurricane looked like a demon and terroist attack us im so scared i hope this year ends

  11. Bob Randy says:

    Fuck I live in New York :.:?? it's windy in New York…

  12. Dave Hannah says:

    I'm screwed there is a flash flood in my area right now

  13. Noah Carson says:

    It was windy today

  14. Its not heading for NY

  15. RandomGuy says:

    i hope the only person that dies is Donald Trump..

  16. yo my best friend is in Florida and I am so nervous right now

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