BREAKING: Terrorists Bomb Istanbul Airport (VIDEO)


Terrorists have attacked an airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Multiple individuals detonated bombs. There are also reports of grenades and assault rifle fire.


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  1. Rainx5000 says:

    Stop calling all muslims terrorists, they are not, if you keep up with this shit they would leave your country. They would go back to those countries and potentially join isis from your idiotic brains

  2. DRock7977 says:

    Let me guess a random white person from Sweden did this.

  3. Heyons says:

    Im more scared from the group of people that those 900 dislikes belong to. Ignorance is a terrifying thing

  4. Samarth Saha says:

    you all r dumb

  5. Aneesh B says:

    Another attack perpetrated by the peaceful followers of the cult called Islam, in a new country now, Bangladesh

  6. freaking terroist go and kill yourself oh wait you have already

  7. saman Amini says:

    so this mother fucker announce PKK as terrorist group. y his not talking about kurdish people they been killed everyday bye Turkish army. y he not talking about Turkish government support toISIS.HA

  8. Omid Khan says:

    shut up man youre talk rubish. there is no problem with islam. islam is the truth faith the disbelivers has allwayes problem with allah commands

  9. Omid Khan says:

    those who knows quran or read it and after that dont belive in that than allah will panish the disbelivers

  10. Omid Khan says:

    how allah destroy the paroh dont forget that

  11. Ryan z says:

    in the second video why didn't the cop shoot the bomber in the head? that would have stopped him from detonating

  12. guru dog says:

    Hillary (shrieking): What difference does it make now?! They hated us for a reason!!
    Trump (roaring): Folks, we better get our asses in gear and throw out their rabid asses to the dogs or we'll be wiping their feces all over our faces. We don't want to do that folks!

  13. Emi H says:

    Islam doesn't tell you to create a cult and kill other Muslims or kill anyone for that matter. Isis isn't set up by Muslims. It's a gathering of uneducated extremists that have been programmed to think a certain way. Remember any religion in this world is made to guide individuals throughout life in a positive way. Ok so there are some deep and dark parts of any holy book which most don't agree to but this doesn't mean it promotes terrorism or extremism.

    #PrayforTurkey #prayforhumanity #Stopterrorism!

    Innocent people die everyday, if we all come as one, support one another. Maybe. Just maybe this world can be a better world.

  14. i came here after watching the ad of Turkish Airlines :)

  15. RIP amazing the orlando shooting had a higher casualty count.

  16. The Law says:

    Religion Of Peace Strikes Again.

  17. cenk is turkish he wont admit armenian genocide

  18. mangaas says:

    Muslim terrorist attack? time for false equivalencies, and time to talk about:
    -The Bible / Christianity
    -Lone-shooters in America / gun-nut culture
    -Israel and palestine
    -the Iraq war

    Anything to paint Islamic Terrorism, and the Islamic faith as just another ordinary gay-hating woman-oppressing religion.

    They're all equal, right Cenk? Right?

  19. OttawaNow says:

    All of this is happening because George Bush and Dick Cheney invaded Iraq!

  20. Post ignorant comments here….

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