BREAKING : Video shows moment plane crashed in Malta


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  1. Azik says:

    Nobody knows when & how he/she will face a death. Time is the precious thing that we have and we are all guests in this world so be kind to each other to make life more easier.

  2. Marianne A says:

    wow. I'd hate to be a passenger in an aircraft ready to depart and then witness an accident like that firsthand. May they rest in peace.

  3. Some day the missing frames will be posted. And maybe the moment it crashed will actually be there as indicated by the typically misleading caption. Thumbs down for another bait and switch Youtube video. The 11 second intro is enough for a class action suit to get our money back.

  4. Motoganda says:

    Two important points I find strange:
    1. Why is there the usual mainstream media issue, that the cam freezes when the important stuff happend?
    2. Even more important, if a plane crashes that close to you, do you continue driving as nothing had happend, or would you rather either break and back up or else accelerate to get away as quick as possible?

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