BREXIT Consequences World War 3


In today’s live show, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the Consequences of BREXIT. Subscribe On Demand! Donate: …


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  1. Jr Crawford says:

    , I think you're wrong because the English just committed complete suicide and throughout the UK down the drain the UK is about to split into three because Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU. EU is going to survive without the UK like it did without the UK from the forties to the 80s it was the UK that demanded to be allowed to join and now they don't want to be part of the EU anymore the pound just lost a lot of points in it it went down in value and it went down in value against the US dollar and the Euro the European Union is going to be fine without the UK like it was fine since it was created in the forties to the eighties to when the UK joined

  2. Jr Crawford says:

    this guy's an idiot the European Union is not a f**** establishment

  3. You are great Christopher. Thank you / Mr Stock Holm, Sweden

  4. Rob N says:

    I have been thinking for some time now that the nuclear family is gone. My wife took off as have many others. It's the way it is now and it was actually very good to hear you actually come out and say it, the nuclear family has been successfully destroyed. Many other truth seekers and broadcasters such as yourself are still afraid to admit this. Yes, the family is dead, not dying but dead.

  5. The EU is a organization that allows the CONTROL and POWER freaks to maintain there status quo….or power and control over YOU a citizen….. The EU is BIG BROTHER, 1984 real time………..The EU and American current government and Elites what to control and use us the people for THEIR MEANS (control, power, $$$$$), or THEIR AGENDA. There agenda is backwards to what it should be, it should be govern FOR THE PEOPLE….but its NOT………
    God Bless Everyone…….
    P.S. Thank You for AMTV……….P.S.S. Fox News, CNN, MSN should be considered America's #1 enemy, because they do not want you to form your OWN opinion or know the TRUTH, there goal is to condition you and provide the information that supports their and the elites, directives or goals….very sad

  6. people really don't believe when i tell them even a fraction of what you are telling, they are too stupid to see and just don't care, i say, what would you do if the euro collapses?they:"I don't know, what does that matter to me?" like, how stupid are some people, even my parents don't believe in the collapse, i tell them to invest in some gold/silver so they would have something if/when it happens and they just looked ad me asking what i am thinking about, they are just so brainwashed because of tv and mainstream media that they don't see the dangers of economic collapse

  7. 1017mann says:

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! I've been watching for years. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg …God bless

  8. C4rnif3X says:

    Why do all these old fucks feel like they need hundreds of trillions of dollars?! It's sickening.. Just go away already..

    Oh and, the Field of Dreams quote at the end, "Build it, and they will come" is actually "Build it, and HE will come" now. Part of the Mandela Effect!

  9. Red Vice says:

    sounds cracks are annoying.

  10. Hello from Chile. Chris, you might want to cut down on language like "circle jerk" it makes it more difficult to share the videos with family and friends. Just the same, thanks for your work.

  11. Jim Lek says:

    AM"cuck"TV…..have you ever seen a Zionist banker?? What race are the wall st criminals?

  12. anteej me says:

    War is over if we find peace. smile

  13. tibchy144 says:

    somehow i doubt uk will actually exit eu

  14. Ricky Wills says:

    Chris you make the channel, but I don't like the new set up, it looks and feels false, the different angles and the bad moment zooms don't work for me. You talk about going back to what matters, we'll take your own advise and go back to the spontaneous standing reporting in your golf shirts.

  15. Aaron Flores says:

    Dude you are so fucking awesome. You are starting to gain more and more momentum on the Alternative Libertarian Media. I would not be surprised if larger Alt media outlets start noticing you more, and Infowars starts dropping your name from now on. You have taken a giant leap forward. I like your delivery, how it is to the point and in the FACE…something Infowars lacks. Its not so much of a 'beat around the bush" delivery, but very direct! Love it!

  16. yes the people have voted out but it is very unlikely we will leave, Article 50 has still not yet been served….also Greece would have been out by now but Germany flexed it's muscles bailed them out and then asset stripped the country!

  17. Christopher… I am trying to get my family truly informed and your info is invaluable but….. Can you clean it up a tad for my sake?

  18. DARRENOATWAY says:

    Stock markets are going to crash from Monday

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