Bringing the Raid BACK to Them! – Ark World War Part 2/3! – Ark “The Volcano” PVP #11


Bringing the Raid BACK to Them! – Ark World War Part 2/3! – Ark “The Volcano” PVP #11
Cheap, Reliable Server Hosting:

Search “PartiallyRoyal” in the Unofficial tab

Click this to join: steam://connect/
This will launch Ark, into my server.

The tribe:

Second Channel:


25 Responses

  1. Dolores cruz says:

    Royal do a ps4 server. plz

  2. Mr. Pando says:

    lol Dante's inferno

  3. Wesley Wu says:

    This game is trash, it's mechanics are trash, it's ui is trash

  4. ExtraGaming says:

    I wanna gte this for ps4 i cant find it

  5. jesus garza says:

    Its inferno the tribe name and CALAMITY is the dead bird.

  6. This is when royals ends the server and says " we were gonna wipe the server soon anyway

  7. Frostmore says:

    That was a metal farming quetz not a combat quetz

  8. Infamous says:

    This is crazy wild!

  9. boomer said fuck me like 1k times

  10. I wish I have a pc

  11. Waldo Over says:

    I have a vid of you spawning in stuff

  12. thankyou royal for the second part cant wait for the next one?

  13. Mees Herbig says:

    Just raid with sleeping bags

  14. Royal can I be in your tribe

  15. Cave Man says:

    finally some people team up and raid royal took em a while to figure out how to raid you

  16. Ronan Whelan says:

    Is this map on Xbox one

  17. Jiggly Jelly says:

    You are really milking this raid

  18. Kevin Kelley says:

    Raid doesn't begin until 9:08. Everything before is filler… skip it.

  19. The biggest clusterfuck holy shit

  20. You fucking suck only ass HOLE does that haha

  21. Mathew Cobb says:

    If only he had his priorities right, make sure everything is safe then go raid. But how did you not know that the pteranodon was going to fuck everything up cause I called that shit

  22. Why u be dick drop the saddles

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