British Airways Business Class Club World, 747 Upper Deck – Chicago (ORD) to London Heathrow (LHR)


In this video, I travel from chilly Chicago to London on the early overnight flight in Club World, business class. Includes all the usual highlights; the lounge, airport …


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  1. David Rorke says:

    Thanks Paul for an entertaining Video TP ?

  2. Nicely done as always Paul. There is something special about the top deck of a 747. I spent a while in Chicago and the take off shot flying over the city brings back some good memories!

  3. Ali Mohammed says:

    It was a great flight to see. I ENJOYED It very well. thanks.

  4. Great video, keep flying, filming and sharing.

  5. Ah good to see Paul. They are updating the 747s by the looks of it. Looks better then when you previously flew this journey. Good video again!

  6. crosswind says:

    Cool aviation flight video……please check my last aviation video…….:-)))

  7. Very good video, liked and subbed :)

  8. I really enjoy your videos. Greets from Brazil.

  9. i have a video of this with the updated seat also check it out

  10. and1 says:

    Very nice. You have one subscriber more!

  11. David Yang says:

    How did flying backwards feel like, especially takeoff and landing? Great Video nonetheless!

  12. You must've had a strong tailwind!

  13. What do you mean by 'rotate' when it's taking off

  14. It's 20 seats on the upper deck not 16.

  15. jack roofy says:

    Nice video but I think ba business is very poor compared to others. Thanks for sharing

  16. bmused55 says:

    Great video. You can't beat the sound of RB211 engines at full chat!

    I'll be flying club world for the first time this month and now know what to expect :)

  17. John Wong says:

    How do know that flight come from London , no airport had announced which flight landing from

  18. John Wong says:

    It's a long flight but only serving breakfast on board?

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