BRUSSELS AIRPORT : At least 13 dead after ‘ suicide bombers ‘ Hit


news : At least 13 dead after ‘ suicide bombers ‘ hit American Airlines check-in counter of the airport of Brussels – like ten people die on the second ‘ terrorist attack ‘ …


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  1. sniperms54 says:

    More refugees for u guys..

  2. Mad Max says:

    false flag…?!

  3. MrPanetela says:

    1. Learn First Aid…Having an army of first responders would put a big dent in casualties…
    2. Learn to text with effective language to A.Family: B.Authorities…
    3. Learn from history…The Viking Invasions only came to an end after their forces were totally and completely wiped out…This means we need to go to the heart of the problem instead of waiting for them to come to us in scattered groups…this means all the superpowers need to join forces and systematically decimate all nations that support terrorism, as well as teach it…Starting with Hamas and Palestinians…

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