Brussels Attacks!! Predicted by Economist Magazine 2016 322 attacks exposed!!!( Illuminati)


Brussels Attacks exposed, Skull and Bones Illuminati fingerprints all over this event 322 , 911 , 33 all Illuminati signature numbers and all are connected to this …


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  1. john smith says:

    opening footage is saed to be misrepresented is supposed to be from moscow 2011
    some details can be found at dahboos

  2. GREAT VIDEO AS ALWAYS!!You should look into the Drill they held a few weeks ago in Europe! Biggest Drill Ever and Had over 100+ people and 4 other countries involved! Here is the link:

  3. another prime example of leaking footage that is wrong to discredit those like you who are trying to help. TO ALL TRUTHERS just check your sources first cause infiltrators are everywhere. thanks for all your work.

  4. So are we looking at May 5th as the next date? 55 is the Largest Fibonacci number to be a triangle, also the tenth which is the sum of the two. May has an Emerald gem stone which points to the emerald city, Jade Helm, New York Next? Highly probable especially seeing the feast days we are now in (counting the omer, first fruits)  and the fact that they plan to erect an arch replica of the  temple of baal in Times Square and many more around the world! Time will soon be no more! The wrath of the Almighty is coming quickly! Woe to the inhabitants of this earth!

  5. ..666+666+666+6+6+6=2016….JESUS IS COMING FOR THOSE WHO ARE WATCHING FOR HIM …(
    LUKE 21;36 )..then satan will bring in the “alien”deception
    and the false christ ,to deceive those left behind and kick start the
    great tribulation ….

  6. Shawn C says:

    Another smoke bomb like Boston. No one died of course HOAX

  7. Adam 1984 says:

    The Jesuit Order is behind the creation of ISIS !

    The Jesuits are the real terrorists.

  8. Linda Fye says:

    The entry video you are using is from Moscow 2011.

  9. you only drew this conclusion after it happened? either you are a part of them or spreading lies which means you're a part of the them …. dumbass post

  10. Of course I am the one thumb upping this video from 33 to 34…
    Of course, Jeremiah 25:33, 34… how many times have you SEEN that post from me…
    This blows my mind, this video gaves me chills brother, Holy Spirit standing up.

    On 3/21 I put a post up on my g+ regarding the fake predicted boston bombings found in IPG2 (mother and Tamerlyn, dead boy wrapped in boxing tape), that came out 10 months before the Boston bombings occurred.

    Superbowl numbers, 9, 11, 13, 66, 69, 80 and Brady 12 and Peyton 18…
    final score 20-18 = 38 = 11 on and on….
    44 days after is 3/22/16? wow

    And the Brussels bombing subway is the same footage used from the Russia bombing, Global Agenda put a video out on that…. YOU NEED to check that out.
    – another brother.

    FLAT OUT SLOPPY HOAX… I didn't think anything could have been sloppier than Alison Parker shot on green screen by Lex Luthor… oh, we are 2 days away from Doomsday, the villain th Lord told me would be in the movie, back during the whole Alison postings I was shown to do from 8/26-9/2/15… Doomsday character was shown to me before the trailers EVER even mentioned it would be in the movie.

    Wonder Woman WW = MM = CUBE Georgia Guidestones… 322 MM=13 13
    Wonder Woman battles Doomsday…. while Batman and Superman get their testosterone levels up to Owls V Spiders (orb weaving spider) levels….
    Ain't that right Spiderman Parker? Alison?
    I wonder where old Danny Boy Batman is….

    …. "Hey Joker, Alison and I are in Gotham, come and get us"

    God Bless you brother, we are seconds away from Jesus peeking thru the clouds, to take Home His church bride.
    Love ya bro, if you still have my cell#, might be a good time to connect : )

  11. Michael says:

    The CCTV video who showing the blast is from the Domodedovo International Airport in Russia on January 24th in 2011.

  12. HTS SHT says:

    this world suck i rather killed myself than stayin and watching the woeks of satan I cant take it anymore everything sucks …Hope I can have some strengh to free myslef

  13. Great work as always!

  14. Thank you!
    May borrow this video?

  15. 0:45 — a bomb was inside the ceiling, the ceiling collapsed to the floor when the bomb exploded. Hence why there is rubble/mess on the floor.

  16. To Bee says:

    skull and bones

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