Brutality of a policed state



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  1. Fear is There power, We will take that away from them

  2. toniocasux says:

    fuck police! fuck, fuck police!

  3. omegagame1 says:

    Fear is our weakness… we will need to shed this if we are going to take back control.

  4. omegagame1 says:

    What if it was your "little tramp" the cop smacked around? Would you still love it?

    The problem with the majority of the American populace is that they lack compassion for anyone but themselves. If we are ever to succeed as a race on this little planet of ours, we WILL have to begin to care.

  5. Jetsu says:

    Dumb bitch deserves, WBBC members and Code Pink all deserve the same treatment. 

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