Build up to WW3 – South China Sea Island Dispute Could Start World War 3


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  1. none of this is important.

    focus on the Jews attacking America & blaming it on Muslims. The attack will happen this September when the POPE (who recognized Palestine as a State) comes to speak to Congress

  2. Omar Touzani says:

    Seeking US help will only make things worse for the Philippines! I am sure if these Asian countries sit on the table together "without US presence", they can get to an agreement.

  3. NickMack says:

    Why is RT (Russian national show) making shows depicting China as an aggressor? I dont support China (nor any country), but why is Russia doing this to a supposed ally? Somethings not right between China and Russia…

  4. Russia is trying to dissolve the relationship between the US and China so if the US-Russia dispute ever goes sour, they won't get gang banged…

  5. jacqdolphin says:

    the Philippines can't even managed their thousands of islands and territory and yet making a fool of themselves by begging for help to get more, how ironic,

  6. the USA should leave china alone  humans font own this earth  and the USA isn't god  so leave china alone

  7. Yee font says:

    God Bless China, It's enough.

  8. tao s says:

    Wrong. These islands belongs to China since more than 200 years ago.

  9. The US helping the Philippines, lol…  Interesting, particularly after they invaded that country and have exploited it ever since.

  10. Nasha Naufal says:

    Hah cabbage strategy!? let's see who will win…when the Chinese cabbage meets the U.S. water lily strategy

  11. Lucky Yiw says:

    China asymmetrical military capability against powerful US military in Asia/Pacific regions is well beyond doubt. China does not hesitate to crank up tensions if US initiates it but will also try its best to avoid physical confrontations with US. China intention is to make sure US spends more money its already does not have and make all the commitments to some free loading countries. US will soon find itself strain too much and those free loaders countries deluded. It is very pathetic. China is just going on with its usual legitimate business in building things for the common good. Then comes this destructive force that threatens all things on earth.  GOD is watching and will get so furious!

  12. Lin Hai says:

    This is China's response to Obama's Pivot To Asia policy. After what USA did to China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Philippines, for the past of hundred years with millions dead and nations destroyed, what do you expect!

  13. Im a philipino guys that island belongs to philipines all china its fuck the U.S want to help to philipines 

  14. GYERRR 96 says:

    since jurassic that island came from philippines 

  15. art idt says:

    china wants to expand at the expense of other nations or ethnic group which is prevented by the new world order which demands from every nation to let the older generations die for the young instead of sending the young into war against each other.

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