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Call of Duty: World at War 5 is for gamers who enjoy playing first-person shooting type video games. The game was developed by Treyarch and was published by Activision for all the versions of Xbox 360, Windows, Playstation 3 etc.

This game is fifth in a series that was created by the same company. However, this series has minimal expansion of the game than expected. This game takes place during World War II.

The former edition of this game took place in the contemporary era, while this edition returns to the world war setting.

You can purchase the Call of Duty World at War through the Amazon website for $56.99. At least in the Windows version, the game however focuses its attention solely on the Pacific Theatre and the Eastern Front of the world war.

The story line is as follows. The center of attention is exclusively the preliminary battles of World War II. The focus is on the Pacific and Eastern Europe. The USSR, the U.S., and the Empire of Japan are among them. The setting includes Nazi Germany.

The whole game is narrated from the first person perspective of a Marine Raider and a another Red Army soldier. Most of the story is contingent on the battles at Stalingrad, Seelow Heights, Okinawa, Makin Island, Peleliu, and Berlin.

Apart from the first person narrative, the Call of Duty: World at War 5 also has a multi-player portion where multiple layers of games modes are involved.

For greater fighting and protection, these modes assists the player unlock additional weapons. This adds to the player’s rank and collection of awards.

This strategy in the video game of gathering excess awards and weaponry was originally introduced in the game Call for Duty – War of the Worlds part 4.

In the new version, Call of Duty: World at War 5, a maximum of four online players and two offline players can be accommodated in the console version. (Play on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3).

The Call of Duty: World at War 5 is actually one of the best selling games in the UK since its release in November of 2008. In fact it is second in the best selling rank and has sold more than even one million and forty one thousand copies in the UK itself. In addition, I think is has made the top ten best selling video games list on Ebay in the US.

World at War 5 was criticized by a few who were unsatisfied with the game going back to the world war theme

Nonetheless, the sharp imagery of the gritty and dark sides of the war was greatly acclaimed. The new methods of skipping years in the plot and introducing the cooperative process were also very highly acclaimed.


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