California rejects GMO labeling


Despite various calls from advocates, California lawmakers rejected a proposal to label GMO foods on Wednesday. It seems that government officials don’t believe it is in the people’s interests to know if they are buying food that contains genetically modified ingredients.

According to Senator Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa, this measure could have made California join 64 countries around the world that have already made it law that genetically-modified foods should be labelled as such.

California rejects GMO labeling

There is little doubt that major biotech companies opposed GMO labeling, with claims that it is an unnecessary measure. They insist that, because most corn, sugar beet and soybeans grown in the US contain GMO, labeling would be required on the majority of food containers. The only exception would be organic produce.

Unfortunately, Evans’ bill was opposed by most major businesses and supported only by local farmers and environmental organizations.

Evans’ bill was left two votes short. For now though, the decision could be reconsidered on Thursday.

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