“Call of Duty” Black ops 3 or World at War 2, Which Game Would be Better (COD AW Multiplayer)


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20 Responses

  1. Tom Monty says:

    I know that what ever Treyarch does it will be good (I still have trust in them). I haven't actually had a COD since Black Ops 2 – I sold Ghosts after the first month and haven't brought AW (I will buy it to give it a go). It would be great to have a WW game and not even WAW 2 just a new title something like "Trench Warfare"/"Trench Defence" LOL – a fresh start in a great era (the original era of COD).

  2. Rich Hassall says:

    World at war 2 all the way.get back to a game based on game play and not customization.if i wanted to dress dolls id be an 8 year old girl!i want a well balanced war game with multiple play styles,weapon choices,interesting scorestreaks and god yes,please bring back claymores,to me they are more about strategy and tactical placement,really have noticed them being missing from AW.

  3. I agree we as a community deserve to not have any more futuristic bs, plz plz plz Treyarch world at war 2

  4. I'm with you, World at War 2. I like the basics (guns, streaks etc.). I want tehm to concentrate on maps (sizes, details). I do like the multi levels on the maps on AW, so they could incorporate that. We just have to climb everywhere or jump across. I think many COD fans are wanting this kind of game play. Nice video and excellent points. 

  5. Dark Sniper says:

    Already been confirmed mate next cod is like old school again like was in WAW November 2015 open to any game that has a 1st place connection gameplay dnt think we will ever see that from cod 

  6. JannyUK says:

    I started playing around BO1/MW3 days. My first cod game was at a friends house. We played MW2 on Estate (one with the house on the hill) I did enjoy it but I sucked at shooters back then. I would like to see what the hype was all about in the days before MW2 as I never got a chance to see what everyone enjoyed in the older games. If they make a WW2 game then I could experience what older cod players experienced hopefully. I would buy the older games but everything is hacked nowadays.

  7. Shaabang says:

    WAW was one of the best cods, if treyarc can replicate that and then some, the next cod could make a lot of people come back to the series. All this futuristic shit has no place in call of duty.

  8. twopac4life2 says:

    Would love a bo3 with waw feel to it

  9. steve short says:

    World at war 2 for me but after being a call of duty gamer since cod 1 I'm done with the franchise. The pure contempt sledgehammer has for every gamer that isn't an MLG pro or pro youtuber is disgusting. A handful of MLG players are not the ones that have made call of duty grow the millions of normal players are. Michael chondry and glenn schofield have proved they have no love for COD. Activision are letting it go the same way they did with guitar hero and dj hero. Their lost advanced warfare has proved this. They've copied every major game and movie from the last 10 years. We've got titan fall, halo, Starwars , edge of tomorrow etc
    It doesn't even feel like a call of duty game.
    EA should have made titan fall on all consoles then it may have put cod to bed once and for all. I just hope Dice do a good job with starwars battlefront.

  10. miamisett says:

    So we have the "Advanced" CoD.  It's time to go back to Barebones and Balance instead of face paint and purple hats. 
    Bring on WaW2 !!

  11. Eli Wilson says:

    I'd like WW3 call of duty set in the 80s…and have like half of the maps set in the US…I think its too much to ask for a WW2 Cod

  12. any game they make will be shit they cant do netcode and they dont fix anything and they will only patch something if optic or faze say to

  13. World war 2 would have no war 

  14. Definitely WOW2. Had enough of this futuristic bullshit. I doubt they will make it without customization though because then all the 12 year olds will cry that they miss their bacon camo. 

  15. if skill based matchmaking was completely gone, and be on decided servers, from my experience, it is not at all, and with search option like Bo2 had what made it a good game   

  16. Ummm…halo doesn't have anything like the Exo suit

  17. Nobody's cares if you like it or not you no life motherfucker!!!??go kill your self?

  18. TheBoybie says:

    Bo3 will be better because there is nuketown on bo and maybe will be there a new nuketown zombie map

  19. colby haff says:

    Ok I've play every cod game there is ok simonb if you hate aw than stop playing it there is always a pawn shop where some one who would like it more than you so just stop talk shit about it so just stop

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