Call Of Duty World At War Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.4


It really puts it in perspective of how shitty COD has become whenever you go back and play the classics. This was back when Call of Duty had some fuckin balls …


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  1. kApZ says:

    the best cod. xd

  2. NotComic says:

    2 things.
    1. This game is still fun and in my opinion, the best COD out there.

  3. NotComic says:

    Game that go back to WW1 or WW2 are the best type of games

  4. Jordan Doyle says:

    +Edgy Libertarian y does infinite warfare look bad

  5. I prefer the other cod WaW

  6. Mc Jaret says:

    Seriously though, if we want to play a futuristic FPS game, we'll go play stuff like Killzone, or Halo, or Titanfall, but with CoD, it sucks.

  7. You should consider Spec Ops: The Line, Doom, or another Uncharted 4 video

  8. Malik Billz says:

    I want this game…badly

  9. No Name says:

    The last good cod.

  10. 0:100:13 the guy sounds like Kermit the frog

  11. Matt Bailey says:

    I miss violent cod games :(

  12. Picoper says:

    Hey, sly, how did you make your YouTube channel so popular?

  13. MAX 15982 says:

    ммммм я русски

  14. Alex Sanchez says:

    this needs to be remastered !!

  15. who relized reznov from back ops

  16. I think they should remaster this game next

  17. lets get a part 5

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