Call of Duty: World at War – PS3 Gameplay


Call of Duty: World at War PlayStation 3 Gameplay. For more gameplay videos check out my channel. Original game’s video resolution: 1080p. GAME LINKS …


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  1. brunoblood says:

    fantastic game..

  2. Docta Glitch says:

    So many memories. 

  3. Yousef S says:

    How many ppl are online playing this on ps3

  4. Modders have almost made the multiplayer unplayable. Its extremely disappointing. If you're lucky enough to land in a lobby without modders its pretty fun tho.

  5. RySev 700 says:

    Not a lot of ww2 shooters on ps3, is this any good? I played cod2/3 on ps2 to death, loved the campaign on those games.

  6. jbohn says:

    Looking for players to play WAW on ps3 in clean lobbies. Let me know if your intrested. Thanks.

  7. MrLEC2000 says:

    One of my favorite games.

  8. R4quel_Gamer says:

    The BEST game of my life!!!

  9. лллллллллллллллооооооооооооолллллллллл

  10. love this game even now

  11. Magic Gamer says:

    what is your online id for ps3

  12. AnimeKingNr1 says:

    Even world at war has better graphics than black ops 3 on PS3!!! I wish they made world at war for PS4 !! 

  13. Harry Lewis says:

    I have call of deaty on my ps3

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