Call of Duty World at War Sniper Mission Gameplay Veteran


Call of Duty World at War Gameplay featuring Vendetta Mission on Veteran. ○ More Gameplays: ○ Call of Duty Series: …


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  1. Mr. Slicer says:

    I care deeply about his vids

  2. Awesome gameplay! Best CoD after COD4: MW.

  3. Gamekiller, do you play with keyboard and mouse? Or an adapted controller?

  4. When the Germans flamethrower the building I usually try to hold my breath like reznov says in real life….. I held it the whole time until he jumps out of the building and I almost died lol

  5. Daniel Zaini says:

    Who wants a WAW remastered

  6. Thomas Magno says:

    Reznov : The things will change


  7. Mr.Bisnes says:

    you miss barret! LOL LOL LOL

  8. peterT451 says:

    2:16 Tiger II H ? in1942?

  9. space scope says:

    I love your vids But can you play watchdogs

  10. Are you playing on a gamepad? Camera runs berety smooth

  11. man joker says:

    I'm Disliked number 10

  12. Reznov is vampire

  13. StrikerMP says:

    you uploaded this vid twice

  14. 177166t says:

    Nice gameplay dude thumbs up ?

  15. is that reznov from black ops

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