Call of Duty World at War – Vendetta Brutal Sniper Mission Gameplay


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20 Responses

  1. Naozumi says:

    I like how when he tried to take the piece of wood off of him, he burned himself, but Reznov did it with ease. Lol

  2. So you are aggressive in the gameplay because you want to hit them first and hard

  3. I remember one time that I accidentally pushed the fire button and I miraculously shot the general, no scope.

  4. fuck those german cunts

  5. Shit…this guy is amazing!

  6. still best cod beter then bo3

  7. Zetyflap TM says:

    One of the best COD.

  8. Crius100 says:

    using a king tiger (tiger 2) model in 1942 just ruins it from the start
    typical call of duty shit 😀
    before creating a ww2 game they should know about the tanks and weapons and when the axis or allies released it… *facepalm

  9. I really enjoyed watching this :-)

  10. Mike Lofky says:

    this is the last good call of duty

  11. Josue Perez says:

    You sir play like shit

  12. 6:30 Mystery box? is that you?

  13. simehong2000 says:

    this game a little brutal . Killing wounded and surrender soldier

  14. James Moon says:

    I know it's a game but…why is there a wrecked Tiger II during 1942?!?! CALL OF DUTY PLS

  15. Truly one of the best games ever made, everything, the story line, plot, directing, graphics ( for that time) A.I., it's just flawless, today's COD is bullshit.

  16. iSonikz says:

    Zombies mystery box opening sound at 6:29

  17. MCGogu says:

    when cod ganes were good…

  18. This is so not cool

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