Call of Duty Zombies – Kino Der Toten FUTURE Remake Gameplay (World at War Custom Zombies)


Call of Duty “World At War” Zombies – Kino Der Toten FUTURE Map Remake Gameplay, be sure to stay tuned for more Black Ops 2, World at War, And Black …


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  1. P TANKI says:

    original kino der toten is may better

  2. Tanbo Bell says:

    I'm from 2016

  3. Leo Barnes says:

    no hell dogs

  4. Now the Ripper is a call of duty ghost gun that cost money >:(

  5. Marc92003 says:

    when I was playing this map the Panzer come up at round 8

  6. yeah this is cool my son has a ps3 and he has the old one

  7. is there zombie dog's there name is fluffy

  8. can you post a link for this map?

  9. ayman ahrara says:

    can i play it in xbox 360

  10. Danny Odom says:

    you wont get copyrighted if a song is played in a game

  11. poop nation says:

    ummmmmmmmmm link please

  12. Why they fucked up this map so bad :/

  13. Mason Hiland says:

    The MR-28 is from cod ghosts

  14. Will Milsted says:

    If you kill the nova crawler with a bowie it doesn't explode just sayn

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