Call of Duty Zombies Storyline | ENTIRE STORY Explained! W@W to Black Ops 3 (FULL Timeline)


Call of Duty Zombies Entire Story Explained! FULL COD Zombies Story! SMASH that LIKE button to show support! This video took TONS of effort and hours!


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  1. x Wizhard says:

    Still have no idea wtf is going on

  2. Xoni says:


    Take the two people who were confirmed to control zombies, Samantha Maxis, Edward Richtofen.

    SMER. SE, SoE Shadows of Evil. MR, Moon Rock. MOON rock. MOON ROCK!!!
    Shadows of Evil must've been the place zombies started.

  3. that sucks that misty doesn't actually "Exist in the normal timeline. so hot and sexy.

  4. I literally have no clue what the storyline is. Can someone explain the bo3 storyline to me and just explain shadows of evil to the new maps on bo3 I literally have no idea what's going on

  5. Lel Lel says:

    My brain hurts…

  6. So young richtoffen kills older richtoffen to stop old richtoffen from destroying the world?

  7. Liam Caplan says:

    I understand the start and then I lose the whole story

  8. Dylan Lyons says:

    They are making this shit up as they go along.

  9. CORE SOUL says:

    Wow I never would have though there was that much

  10. you should of done this when zombies are over

  11. It's a Dees! says:

    subject n3wb lol get it like newb

  12. it start in the ocean because cod means call of duty and cod is a fish and fish lives in a water

  13. HIT(X)MARK says:

    Ok got it. To summarize: stuff and thangs.

  14. so OG rictofen = bad
    origins rictofen = good

  15. GS ShoTz says:

    fallout background music at 17:38

  16. GS ShoTz says:

    fallout background music at 17:38

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