Caller: Are We Heading Towards World War III?


Caller is concerned we are heading towards World War III –On the Bonus Show: Everyone might be a little racist, congressional term limits, basic economy …


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  1. Mack Jonsey says:

    We're already in WW III — for a few years now …. the mainstream media just hasn't declared it as such YET. And it's going to escalate big time if ISIS keeps on killing like they are now.

  2. mrturnips says:

    I can't believe that this needs to be said again. Generals have came forward to say that Shillary Clinton's policy to Syria WOULD lead to war, not Trumps. Furthermore, following his win, the DEFCON level was lowered to 5.

  3. OldManAtterz says:

    I have to admit, that if Le Pen wins the election in France, and managed to vote France out of the EU, combined with Trump ipso facto removing US from NATO, then I think it's a good time to invest in the arms industry.

  4. Benney says:

    If there is no WW3 because of political reason then there will be a World War for resources like water, coal, oil or anything valuable.

    And just like in the Fallout lore maybe there will be global a nuclear war. (I HOPE NOT!!)

  5. I have a scary feeling if there was ever a WWIII, America would be on the wrong side of history.

  6. Lorem Ipsum says:

    Remember when Trump supporters were called conspiracy theorists for saying WWIII (or at least a war with Russia) was extremely possible under Clinton due to her refusal to cooperate with Russia and her habit of overthrowing nations in the Middle East?

    What has changed?

  7. See, let me put it in a few words : End time prophets like "Rebel Media & Alex Jones" try to focus & pretend, to gain attention : like for example : "Germany lies down in chaos". …I just bought myself for Christmas a HARLEY DAVIDSON. Does that mean chaos to you ?, not to me, and if it would do so, than I say : "wow, I love chaos, please, don't wake me up." Sure, some people on da planet live their lives in agony, I drive HARLEY DAVIDSON, and that's , my god damn given right to do so, fare well all u innocent folks ! & merry christmas 2016 !

  8. no a financial economic rude awakening and a plague that the US won't be able to handle

  9. Yes, reserve your spot in a state of the art vault today and prepare for the future!

  10. If hillary would've won, we would've definitely went to war with russia, she even said so. Neither of the candidates were worthy of being the president of the united states.

  11. Jose Fowler says:

    divid did you just allow someone to suggest brexit is far right. you're really starting to loose credibility. and can you please explain how the trump will lead to war he ran pritty much as an anti war candidate and we know what hillary is like so bullshit to me!

  12. No, we avoided WWIII by rejecting Hillary. And Golden Dawn aren't conservatives, they're revolutionary neo-Nazis.

  13. C Robinson says:

    WW3 would be carried out digitally. Hackers would shut down a country's infrastructure and communications network. No more internet, phone, or power.

  14. Howard James says:

    you just need to CRY louder and find a SAFER place. ha ha, lots of estrogen on this channel, ha ha ha

  15. Alex P says:

    If there's a WWIII we will be on the wrong side with Trump's boyfriend Putin.

  16. It is likely the US, under the Trump administration, will join Russia and Assad in the genocide of the Syrian people until we see other countries step up and give them a huge kick in the ass.

  17. Kwan Lee says:

    It's poss Trump will realize the money he can make off WW3. But with Clinton, it would have been all but guaranteed ?

  18. MrJoey1971 says:

    You were wrong about Trump, when are you ever right?

  19. If you were aware of the protocols of zion. Which simply are the protocols to dominate every aspect of life which the Zionists follow. The Zionists as everyone is aware have the most influence in banking, media and politics. This isn't up for debate and takes a retard not to notice. Here are the protocols they use to guide their behaviors we face today.

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