Can You Support An Artist With Rape Charges? • Is This Okay?


Can you support an artist’s work, even if you disagree with their personal life? What do you think? Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!


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  1. lyn's life says:

    I want to support a film that is educational and supports artistry of the black community. On the other hand no sure how I feel about the person. Yes he was acquitted but so many people that have done bad this have been too

  2. David Solt says:

    you're not supposed to hold people you don't know on a pedestal, Johny Depp may or may not beat his wife but his movies are still great

  3. Can someone help me understand why the feel so strongly about it because honestly I don't think it's that big of a deal and I'm an African American woman

  4. ittshannah says:

    This is basically a copycat of the podcast Switched On Pop

  5. Morgan B says:

    i thought theyd bring up cosby

  6. The auto focus on the camera is really distracting.

  7. Am I the only one who's heard of "Death of the Author".

  8. bionic26 says:

    The movie flopped anyway.

  9. dcocolove808 says:

    Why is this even a discussion? You do not discuss white men and their charges when they produce and star in a general released movie.

    And you do not know why this lady killed herself, he apologized to her family. He was acquitted. Move the hell on. Please people with clear visions and not distracted go support Birth of A Nation.

  10. lolvely1 says:

    Where I typically stand: "Just because I like your sh*t doesn't mean I like you." Or something like that. I won't go out of my way to hate you. I don't know you or your situation.

  11. YOUTHOUGHT says:

    so is it okay or not?

  12. YOUTHOUGHT says:

    Becky looks like a "May i talk to your manager?" kinda soccer mom tbh

  13. onewithbooks says:

    You don't have to support the artist per se. You can support your library and check it out for free when it comes in. Let a public instituation support a film, and support your public library.

  14. lisha says:


  15. Just Derek says:

    This was bias because it they did not break down the difference between conviction, charged, and acquitted. Their conversation is based on something happened and I believe it happened, but I can't prove what happened. So because you were in a situation to even come into question (charged), I can't support you. Come on people.

  16. angelica says:

    becky with the dyke hair

  17. Vivian Nagel says:

    Because your personal life has a direct impact on how your art should be perceived. smh

  18. manphelan says:

    So they loved 'birth of a nation' for having unapologetic black men. But if he doesn't apologise IRL, thats bad?

  19. KidProblemTV says:

    Cooning at it's finest Lol

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