Canadian International Air Show 2016 Arrivals September 1, 2016


IN THIS VIDEO: Hello everyone! Welcome to Plane Spotting at Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport. Today was Thursday, September 1, 2016. The day of the Canadian …


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  1. Theo T says:

    omg your the first one to get the airshow planes on here….nice…congrats bud..

  2. Andrew Chan says:

    Are you going to university now ?

  3. Koray 123 says:

    Nice, loved the video! Are you planning to film all 3 days of the airshow?

  4. Hey buddy! nice video. Do you know if they will be at Toronto pearson tomorrow? I know they park at the North lounge

  5. Awesome Video There Ernest, Saw Them While I Was Spotting At Runway 5 Today! Man There Really Damn Loud Lol.

  6. cherifbar says:

    great stuff, thank's very much!

  7. William B161 says:

    Cool video my friend

  8. ybrik5 says:

    Great vid! Love that CF-18 paint scheme!
    Those superhornets looked too awesome on that flyby.
    Btw, I was looking forward to watch a day's show but would only do if I learn the superhornet would really put up a very agressive demo.
    Have you happen to see yesterday's show?

  9. Lovely video! Love airshows :)

  10. The hornet was extremely loud!

  11. Very cool! Awesome job filming all those arrivals.

  12. OMG the airshow today on sept 5 was awesome!! The F-18 was loud!!!!

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