CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Cast Interviews – FULL European Press Conference (Spoilers)


Full Captain America Civil War European Press Conference (some spoilers) with Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth …


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  1. navylaks2 says:

    Kevin's wearing the Dr Strange cap;)

  2. Sonny Lee says:

    where is black panter guy.

  3. They are so serious omg i wouldnt have the balls to ask a question to any of them

  4. Are we just gonna ignore that she said that she was a "Mutant" before stating that she was created from the stone?

  5. 5:59 And while his son is wearing those Cap PJs, RDJ will squint his eyes, shake his head, and whisper "traitor".

  6. Oliver Yuen says:

    19:28 Someone snorted lol

  7. Oliver Yuen says:

    34:08 For the sake of press, wouldn't it be better if Chris Evan said he would be Team Cap?

  8. Chris Turner says:

    damn smack them thighs then girl!!

  9. iHeartHannah says:

    Where was Scarlet Johnson??? (Black widow)

  10. Mr.Popo says:

    Why does bucky decide to get frozen again?, because i think that Scarlet Witch with her powers could easly cure him since he has mental issues or this is all a setup for a team up with Black Panther in his movie or others to come.

  11. is hemsworth here?

  12. i wonder why so many people think that spider man should be weaker than cap and is not strong enough to stop bucky's punch but in spiderman 2(tobey) he freakin stops a train and in the amazing spiderman 2(andrew) he also stops a car that got thrown… i cant even see cap being able to stop a train running in full speed without some help and hell if u remove his shield im scared on what might happen to him.

  13. What What says:

    a stan lee cameo is called a stanleeo

  14. Wait… During the Weekend at Bucky's joke they said Jeremy would play the dead guy. Did they just spoil that Hawkeye will die???? :0(

  15. jedi j says:

    ever wonder if these people get tired of all the press for a movie? i think i would be like okay this again. :)

  16. Phuck Yoself says:

    these guys are hilarious

  17. TheCollision says:

    so much cringe

  18. CARTOONx22x says:

    This was awesome . Chemistry level over 9000!

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