Captain America Civil War Trailer 2 Breakdown – Spider Man


Captain America Civil War Trailer 2. Marvel Spider Man Arrives, Captain America vs Iron Man, Comic Book Easter Eggs, Black Panther vs Winter Soldier …


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  1. yeison gamer says:

    who is better
    spiderman or
    if you choose spiderman you have to subscribe

  2. Eduardo R says:

    I still hate the fact that they killed off quiclsilver and now he wont have his own movie because of that.

  3. Steve C says:

    Even tho he isn't featured in the trailors… What about Baron Zemo? isn't he supposed to be the one who in the last act of the movie becomes the threat that unites the two sides? Nobody I've seen on youtube who's been breaking down the trailor is talking about this. If you're going to break down the video and then speculate you have to include what Zemo's role is going to be.

  4. It called Captain America , so it must be about him

  5. did they use Spiderman figure from Disney infinitely

  6. coolest part is spiderman scene

  7. Shaddowkhan says:

    I don't think Spidey will show up on that german airport. How is he gonna get a good swing going.

  8. Rava Pro says:

    What the heck, Hawkman ?????

  9. raf ram says:

    spiderman is in the battle, heck yeah!I just love his smart aleck comments even in the face of danger and possible death, hope it is used here too

  10. Why can't spider man be on team cap

  11. i really hope that this spiderman turns into the iron spider fights venom and appears in infintiy war along side with the guardians

  12. I hope MARVEL doesn't just go with Cap and Tony having conflict because of bucky, I want them to express that Cap doesn't trust the government because of Hydra, and I don't want Cap to die!

  13. spiderman the black panther cross bones holy shit I am pumped for this movie! marvel has done it again!

  14. kuku kaka says:

    new logo for spidey looks like A fly instead

  15. 7:45 I puked a bit in my mouth! Hawkeye is my favorite character why?!?! :)

  16. Bash AQW says:

    Spidey looks like deadpool tbh

  17. Ignite_Envyy says:


  18. Renzo M says:


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