CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Trailer 2 Easter Eggs, References & Things Missed


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  1. jabjab12 says:

    Isn't Spider-man franchise belongs to Sony ?

  2. Lucia Lopes says:

    Who saw pewdiepie at 1:24

  3. GhastlyPlayz says:

    thats not the tony stark suit, if you watch the disney version cartoom theres alot of episode where spiddrman and tony stark cooperate and he makes him a suit called the iron spider. its basically an iron man suit, spidermans design and 4 iron spiderlegs coming out the back. search in spiderman iron spider to see it.

  4. Tim Mons says:

    Andrew Garfield's Spiderman used the mechanical web slingers, and it sounded a little like him to me

  5. haj jad says:

    Why dose iron man has so much good action heros

  6. slikdarelic says:

    they need to stop puttin Spiderman's webshooters on the outside of his clothes.. and here's a reminder.. they shoot from under the forearm.. not the top.. smh.. i hate Hollywood sometimes..

  7. Anyone else think that Spider-Man looks o.k.?

  8. I love the look of the new spidey suit, but it doesn't fit the actor. I mean that literally, he would not fit in that suit. The head for example, is definitely not Tom Holland's head.

  9. The movie should be called avengers 3

  10. VCW says:

    I hate CGI Spider-Man!

  11. funnyman1701 says:

    Winter soldier evil clone ?anyone????

  12. CapREX77 says:

    I think Spideys suit was modified with Tony's nano tech. That's why his eyes can move (open and close). For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, If you look in the trailer you can see that Tony's new suit is made from nano tech. His hand is shown specifically.

  13. CapREX77 says:

    Who else hates Tony and wants Cap to beat the crap out of him?

  14. Shadow Flame says:

    Now when all this shit is over they need to wrap it back around to the infinity stones and fighting Thanos, that's what I wanna see

  15. The scene when you see two Buck's
    It's not him in the tube thing
    It's a badguy
    If you played marvel games you would know who that is
    So it is not a mistake
    This is 9 mistakes not 10 mistakes

  16. Ali R. says:

    Panther looks sooooo hype

  17. Those are dead pools eyes?

  18. The. Best. Foot boll. Plays

  19. I hope Spider-Man dies in the most epic way possible

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